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    Ruth Tomlinson Jewelry

    LONDON - Unconventional in style and driven by discovery, designer jewelry by Ruth Tomlinson is created to honor the earth's natural beauty. Handcrafted in London, Ruth Tomlinson's rings have a signature textured look, created with tiny granules of gold. Her love for historical jewels and her celebration of the imperfect come together in Ruth Tomlinson Jewelry.

    Ruth Tomlinson Sapphire and Diamond Granules Ring


    Ruth Tomlinson Champagne Diamond Encrusted Wrap Band
    Ruth Tomlinson Antique White Diamond Encrusted Solitaire
    Ruth Tomlinson Blue Sapphire and Gray Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Ruth Tomlinson Champagne Diamond Gold Granules Solitaire Ring
    Ruth Tomlinson Sapphire Eternity Band

    Ruth tomlinson Sapphire Eternity Band


    Ruth Tomlinson White and Champagne Diamond Gold Granules Band
    Ruth Tomlinson Wide Decorative Diamond Band


    Ruth Tomlinson Asymmetrical Diamond and Gold Granules Band
    Ruth Tomlinson Oval Champagne Diamond Encrusted Solitaire Ring
    Ruth Tomlinson Decorative Scroll Gold Band


    Ruth Tomlinson Gold Half Round Diamond Band


    Ruth Tomlinson Encrusted Antique Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Ruth Tomlinson Scattered Diamond Gold Granules Ring


    Ruth Tomlinson Double Beaded Diamond Band


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