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    Pippa Small Jewelry 

    LONDON - Earthy, eclectic, organic (in the true sense of the word) and talismanic, Pippa Small's jewelry has a following of faithful collectors. Attracted to gems and cultural artifacts from an early age, Pippa gathers stones, shells, minerals, beads and other found objects to use as inspiration or actual elements in her jewelry. Her arms are covered in a tangle of bracelets, shells and amulets - each one with a specific personal meaning or memory.

    Small Kaleidoscope Mughal Aquamarine Earrings
    Ruby Garden of Eden Sun Amulet Necklace
    Eye of the Peacock Labradorite Drop Earrings
    Metamorphic Full Stone Bracelet


    Uncut Aquamarine Metamorphic Greek Ring
    Uncut Peridot Metamorphic Cup Ring
    Uncut Amethyst Metamorphic Cup Ring
    Uncut Rose Quartz Metamorphic Cup Ring
    Uncut Aquamarine Metamorphic Cup Ring
    Pippa Small A New Day Cluster Pendant Necklace Close Up
    Pippa Small Mixed Sapphire and Pink Tourmaline Earrings
    Pippa Small Gold Peony Pink Kunzite Earrings


    Morganite Single Stone Bracelet


    Large Rose Quartz Single Drop Earrings
    Pippa Small Small Rose Quartz Drop Earrings
    Faceted Rainbow Stone Necklace


    Mixed Pinks Five Stone Dangle Earrings
    Blue and Green Seven Stone Dangle Earrings
    Large Rainbow Mixed Stone Choker Necklace
    Pippa Small A New Day Tanzanite Classic Stud Earrings
    Pippa Small A New Day Classic Aquamarine Stud Earrings
    Pippa Small A New Day Classic Tanzanite Stud Earrings
    Pippa Small Amethyst Drop Earrings


    Pink Tourmaline Drop Earrings
    Peridot Dangle Earrings


    Pippa Small Ruby Drop Earrings

    Pippa small Ruby Drop Earrings


    Lapis Drop Earrings

    Pippa small Lapis Drop Earrings


    Aquamarine Double Drop Earrings


    Mixed Tourmaline Ring

    Pippa small Mixed Tourmaline Ring


    Pippa Small A New Day Classic Fire Opal Stud Earrings
    Eye of the Peacock Kyanite Drop Earrings
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    The Authenticity of Pippa Small Jewelry

    Discover Pippa Small Jewelry, where the extraordinary vision of the designer breathes life into each exquisite piece. Pippa Small, a globally acclaimed jewelry designer and anthropologist, intertwines her passion for traditional craftsmanship and cultural exploration, resulting in a collection that transcends adornment.

    Pippa brings a unique perspective to her designs, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and communities around the world. Her commitment to ethical practices and sustainable sourcing reflects not only in the beauty of each creation but also in the positive impact it leaves on the communities involved in the crafting process.

    Pippa Small: Connecting Artistry & Purpose

    Pippa Small Jewelry shares a profound connection between artistry and purpose. Every piece tells a story, celebrating the raw beauty of natural gemstones and the craftsmanship of skilled artisans. The jewelry stands out for its authenticity, reflecting Pippa's dedication to preserving traditional techniques and fostering cultural appreciation.

    Immerse yourself in the diverse beauty of Pippa Small Jewelry, where each design is a testament to the designer's global perspective, ethical values, and a celebration of cultures around the world.

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