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    MADRID - Born in Mexico and based in Spain, Tó Garal jewelry aims to immerse us in different perspectives of reality through the story of love. To do so he introduces three main characters for us : the Lunatic, the Lover, and the Poet. Using oxidized sterling silver, 18K yellow gold and shimmering diamonds, each piece of Tó Garal jewelry tells a story and begs for a closer look.

    Love Ring

    Tó garal Love Ring


    Love Story Bracelet


    How to Love You Shield Ring
    Tulip Necklace

    Tó garal Tulip Necklace


    Adore Ring

    Tó garal Adore Ring


    Stay Heart Necklace


    If I Die Please Stay ID Bracelet
    If I Die Please Stay Necklace
    Characters Falling Signet Ring
    That Never Die Band


    Antique Link Bracelet


    My Eternal Waltz Signet Ring
    The Poem Necklace

    Tó garal The Poem Necklace


    Shields Bracelet

    Tó garal Shields Bracelet


    Forget Me Not Signet Ring


    Different Ways Necklace


    Remember Band

    Tó garal Remember Band


    Unveil Love Eclipse Ring


    Black Diamond Tiny Heart Necklace
    Bar Bracelet

    Tó garal Bar Bracelet


    Gold I Hope You Stay Open Signet Ring
    Nautic Bracelet

    Tó garal Nautic Bracelet


    Gold About Love Shield Signet Ring
    Double Chain Charm Bracelet
    Sunrise The Waiting Ring


    A Memory Ring

    Tó garal A Memory Ring


    Small If I Die Please Stay Necklace
    Classic Fine Link Bracelet
    I Am You Necklace

    Tó garal I Am You Necklace


    Poems of a Loner Ring


    About Love Shield Pendant Necklace
    Ode of a Chaotic Heart Necklace
    About Love Locket Necklace
    Ode of a Chaotic Heart Signet Ring
    Poems of a Loner Necklace


    Let the Poem Seduce You Signet Ring
    If I Die Please Stay Signet Ring
    About Love Shield Signet Ring
    Tulip Signet Ring

    Tó garal Tulip Signet Ring


    Talk to Me Flower Signet Ring
    Gold Lost and Found Band


    Silver Broken Florentine Band
    I Hope You Stay Open Signet Ring
    Small Key Pendant Necklace
    Broken Cuban Link Bracelet
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