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Leaf Stud Earrings  zoom 1_branch_silver_tiny_leaf_stud_earrings


Leaf Stud Earrings


Rose Petal Drop Earrings  zoom 1_branch_silver_rose_petal_dangle_earrings


Rose Petal Drop Earrings


Lapis Wildflower and Coral Heart Stud Earrings zoom 1_brent_neale_coral_heart_lapis_wildflower_earring
Turquoise Wildflower and Coral Heart Earrings zoom 1_brent_neale_coral_heart_turqouise_wildflower_ear
Magic Mushroom SINGLE Earring zoom 1_brent_neale_gold_magic_mushroom_stud_earring5

Brent neale

Magic Mushroom SINGLE Earring


Small Malachite Puffy Heart Earrings zoom 1_brent_neale_gold_malachite_puff_heart_earrings

Brent neale

Small Malachite Puffy Heart Earrings


Small Natural Coral Puff Heart Earrings zoom 1_brent_neale_gold_coral_puff_heart_earrings
Small Malachite Diamond Clover Earrings zoom 1_brent_neale_gold_malachite_clover_earrings
Small Ebony Diamond Clover Flower SINGLE Earring zoom 1_brent_neale_gold_ebony_wood_clover_stud_earring5
Wildflower Diamond Lapis SINGLE Earring zoom 1_brent_neale_gold_lapis_wildflower_stud_earring5
Malachite and Diamond Cannabis Studs  zoom 1_brent_neale_gold_malachite_cannabis_earrings

Brent neale

Malachite and Diamond Cannabis Studs


Multi Gem Rainbow Tassel Earrings zoom 1_brent_neale_gold_rainbow_tassil_earrings

Brent neale

Multi Gem Rainbow Tassel Earrings


Champagne Diamond Momo Earrings zoom 1_anaconda_diamond_momo_new_earrings


Champagne Diamond Momo Earrings


Matrix Opal and Brown Diamond Momo Earrings zoom 1_anaconda_matrix_opal_momo_rosary_earrings
Multi-Sapphire Waterlight Earrings zoom 1_anaconda_gold_corundum_indian_waterlight_earring
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