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    Shamballa Jewels

    COPENHAGEN - Mads and Mikkel Kornerup have long shared a passion for jewelry. Its natural connection to their travels and journeys through Nepal, India, Thailand and Indonesia led them to combine the strong and ancient symbols of Eastern spirituality with the luxury of the Western world. 'Shamballa' refers to a mythological hidden valley in the Himalayas where enlightened and compassionate people reside. It also represents the powerful force when creativity springs in a pure, conscious mind. Their jewelry is meant to trigger curiosity as the wearer finds their 'shamballa' within.

    Green Ceramic, Onyx and Sapphire Bead Bracelet
    Sapphire and Ceramic Bead Bracelet


    Onyx, Sapphire And Emerald Bead Bracelet
    Black and Green Ceramic Beaded Bracelet


    Sapphire, Moonstone and Labradorite Bead Bracelet
    Ebony, Sapphire and Emerald Bead Bracelet
    Light Ebony, Sapphire and Moonstone Bead Bracelet
    Sapphire, Ebony, Emerald and Carnelian Bead Bracelet
    Carbon Fiber and Ceramic Bead Bracelet


    Aquamarine, Sapphire and Black Diamond Bead Bracelet
    Smooth Black Ceramic and White Gold Bead Bracelet
    Blue Sapphire and Black Rhodium Orb Bracelet
    Shamballa Jewels Green Ceramic Square and White Gold Bead Bracelet
    Yellow Gold Orb Bracelet

    Shamballa jewels Yellow Gold Orb Bracelet


    Shamballa Jewels Black Onyx and White Gold Bead Bracelet


    Shamballa Jewels Ebony and Yellow Gold Bead Bracelet


    Shamballa Jewels Turquoise, Emerald and Aquamarine Bead Bracelet
    Turquoise, Aquamarine and Yellow Gold Bead Bracelet
    Ebony, Turquoise, and Aquamarine Bead Bracelet
    Shamballa Jewels Yellow Gold Brown Diamond Pavé Lock Bead Bracelet
    Shamballa Jewels Ruby, Pink and Brown Sapphire Bead Bracelet
    Shamballa Jewels Onyx Black Rhodium Yellow Gold Diamond Bead Bracelet
    Shamballa Jewels Sapphire, Jade, Black Diamond Pavé Bead Bracelet
    Pink Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald Bead Bracelet
    White Gold Square Lock Bead Bracelet


    Ebony, Aquamarine, Emerald and Sapphire Bead Bracelet
    Aquamarine, Sapphire, Ceramic and Gold Bead Bracelet
    Brown, Green and Pink Sapphire Diamond Bead Bracelet
    Moonstone, Aquamarine and Sapphire Bead Bracelet
    Yellow Gold and Black Diamond Double Orb Bracelet
    Double Yellow Gold Orb Charm Bracelet


    Yellow Gold Square Lock Bead Bracelet


    Emerald, Ebony, and Gold Bead Bracelet - TWISTonline


    Square Matte Black Ceramic and Gold bead Bracelet
    Gray Diamond Ceramic White Gold Bead Bracelet
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    Shamballa Jewels: Blending Ancient Symbols & Western Luxury

    Call back to the past with Shamballa Jewels, created by the imaginative minds of Mads and Mikkel Kornerup. Influenced by their extensive travels, the designers behind Shamballa jewelry seamlessly weave together the potent symbols of Eastern spirituality with the opulence of the Western world.

    'Shamballa' gives you a glimpse into the haven for enlightened and compassionate souls. This concept embodies the essence of Shamballa Jewels—a fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary luxury. Each piece is a manifestation of the powerful force that arises when creativity blossoms in a pure, conscious mind.

    Journey to Your Inner ‘Shamballa’

    Shamballa jewelry is not just about ornamentation; it's about triggering curiosity within the wearer, encouraging them to find their personal 'shamballa.' This goes beyond aesthetics; it's a journey towards self-discovery and embracing the inherent beauty that lies within.

    Celebrate the cultural richness and spiritual depth of diverse influences with Shamballa Jewels. Let Shamballa jewelry be more than adornment; let it be a reflection of your inner 'shamballa'—a space of enlightenment, compassion, and conscious creativity.

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