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    Maria Tash Jewelry

    NEW YORK - A native New Yorker, Maria was influenced by the bold music and fashion of the late ‘70s, ‘80s, and early ‘90s. She studied at Columbia University before moving abroad to attend King’s College in London. There she embraced the rebellion of the punk/goth scene with its asymmetrical looks, dramatic makeup, and unusual piercings. She carried this spirit back to New York where she honed her needle technique. Maria viewed piercing as a form of beauty and wanted to couple it with delicate fine jewelry. Her penchant for interesting placements drew her to navel jewelry and soon she was designing custom pieces for all body locations at her first studio, which opened in Manhattan in 1993.

    Maria Tash Black Moissanite Spike Charm Dangle ONLY On Hoop
    Maria Tash Faceted Long Spike Charm ONLY On Hoop
    Maria Tash 4mm Trinity Pearl SINGLE Stud Earring
    Maria Tash Ruby Dagger SINGLE Stud (RIGHT)
    Maria Tash 5/16 Yellow Gold Diamond Coronet SINGLE Hoop
    Maria Tash 5.5mm Diamond Flower SINGLE Stud
    Maria Tash Yellow Gold Diamond Butterfly SINGLE Stud
    Maria Tash 3/8 Granulated Triple Spike SINGLE Hoop
    5/16 White Gold Diamond Coronet SINGLE Hoop
    Yellow Gold Pearl Charm ONLY
    1/4 Lapis Spike SINGLE Non Rotating Hoop
    1/4 Lapis Spike SINGLE Non Rotating Hoop
    1/4 Lapis Triple Long Spike SINGLE Hoop
    3mm Yellow Gold Lapis SINGLE Stud
    3mm White Gold Lapis SINGLE Stud
    5/16 White Gold Pearl Ear SINGLE Cuff
    5/16 Triple Lapis Spike SINGLE Hoop
    5mm Trinity Lapis SINGLE Stud Earring
    5/16 Lapis Spike SINGLE Non Rotating Hoop
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