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    Kothari Elements Jewelry

    CALIFORNIA - Clean lines and modern design combined with the richness of high karat gold and stunning rose cut diamonds and sapphires create a collection of jewelry with worldly sophistication. Kothari is a family-designed line of jewelry inspired by the beauty of the natural world and influenced by two generations of diverse backgrounds. Balanced and beautiful, each piece is carefully crafted with hand-selected and hand-cut stones and is meant for a life of being worn and treasured.

    Kothari Elements Lapis and Blue Topaz Moon Orbit Earrings
    Kothari Elements Labradorite Moon Phase Fringe Bracelet


    Kothari Elements Chalcedony Moon Phase Chandelier Earrings
    Kothari Elements Lapis and Amethyst Moon Drop Necklace


    Kothari Elements Garnet Birds-In-A-Line Bracelet


    Kothari Elements Chalcedony and Amethyst Moon Orbit Earrings
    Kothari Elements Amethyst Ellipse Inline Necklace


    Kothari Elements Chalcedony and Blue Topaz Moon Earrings
    Kothari Elements Lapis Large Moon Phase Earrings


    Kothari Elements Chalcedony Moon Node Inline Necklace


    Kothari Elements Amethyst and Peridot Ellipse Dot Earrings
    Kothari Elements Chalcedony and Blue Topaz Moon Drop Necklace
    Oval Blue Topaz Inline Bracelet


    Chrysoprase Ellipse Three Drop Earrings
    Chrysoprase Fringe Bracelet

    Kothari elements Chrysoprase Fringe Bracelet


    Prehnite Champa Petal Chandelier Earrings
    Turquoise Champa Petal Fringe Necklace


    Prehnite Graduated Petal Demi Fringe Necklace
    Labradorite Inline Bracelet

    Kothari elements Labradorite Inline Bracelet


    Labradorite Petal Deco Chandelier Earrings
    Chrysoprase Champa Petal Fringe Necklace
    Medium Ellipse Chrysoprase Earrings


    Turquoise Champa Wide Chandelier Earrings
    Peridot Champa Petal Fringe Necklace


    Amethyst and Chrysoprase Champa Bee Earrings
    Oval Turquoise Inline Bracelet


    Medium Ellipse Prehnite Earrings


    Amethyst Champa Petal Earrings


    Kothari Elements Peridot Fringe Bracelet

    Kothari elements Peridot Fringe Bracelet


    Kothari Elements Amethyst Inline Bracelet

    Kothari elements Amethyst Inline Bracelet


    Kothari Elements Small Petal Peridot Earrings

    Kothari elements Small Petal Peridot Earrings


    Kothari Elements Turquoise and Blue Topaz Champa Bee Earrings
    Kothari Elements Turquoise Champa Petal Chandelier Earrings
    Kothari Elements Rose Quartz Graduated Demi Fringe Necklace
    Kothari Elements Large Ellipse Rose Quartz Earrings


    Turquoise Champa Petal Fan Necklace


    Kothari Elements Rainbow Moonstone Petal Deco Chandelier Earrings
    Kothari Elements Large Ellipse Turquoise Earrings


    Kothari Elements Large Rainbow Moonstone Champa Leaf Earrings
    Kothari Elements Rose Quartz Ellipse Three Drop Earrings
    Kothari Elements Peridot and Smoky Quartz Petal Drop Earrings
    Kothari Elements Rainbow Moonstone Petal Block Chandelier Earrings
    Kothari Elements Baguette Chrysoprase Petite Fringe Necklace
    Kothari Elements Rainbow Moonstone Baguette Block Necklace
    Kothari Elements Baguette Peridot Petite Fringe Necklace


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