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Kika Alvarenga

Brazil - 'I became a jeweler because each jewel is a small piece of eternity.' This statement from designer Kika Alvarenga perfectly summarizes her bold aesthetic and approach to creating modern, timeless jewelry. A graduate of the Central Saint Martins University of Arts of London, she is inspired by the movement and fluidity of the body. The creative force of her work lies in the intensity with which she honors nature and accesses its diversity. The essence of her design is to make shine that which is precious in each thing/element/substance/object/piece.

Agulha Ring with Cognac Diamonds zoom 1_kika_alvarenga_gold_aguhla_ring

Kika alvarenga

Agulha Ring with Cognac Diamonds


Green Tourmaline Plumado Ring zoom 1_kika_alvarenga_gold_plumado_II_ring

Kika alvarenga

Green Tourmaline Plumado Ring


Cognac Quartz and Black Diamond Ametista Ring zoom 1_kika_alvarenga_ametista_ring
Cognac Quartz Herkimer Ring zoom 1_kika_alvarenga_cognac_quartz_herkimer_ring

Kika alvarenga

Cognac Quartz Herkimer Ring


Aquamarine Herkimer Ring zoom 1_kika_alvarenga_herkimer_ring

Kika alvarenga

Aquamarine Herkimer Ring


Turmalina Lapis Ring zoom 1_kika_alvarenga_gold_turmalina_lapis_ring

Kika alvarenga

Turmalina Lapis Ring


Intertwined Multi Band Gold Ring zoom 1_kika_alvarenga_gold_intertwined_ring1

Kika alvarenga

Intertwined Multi Band Gold Ring


Multi Stone Flor Ring zoom 1_kika_alvarenga_flor_ring

Kika alvarenga

Multi Stone Flor Ring


Papel Band zoom 1_kika_alvarenga_gold_paper_band_ring

Kika alvarenga

Papel Band


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