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    July is Ruby!

    The heat of the summer brings July and the rich, warm toned birthstone associated with the month: ruby. Rubies are considered the king of gems and represent love, health and wisdom. Stay cool with one of these ruby pieces to honor your favorite July birthdays!

    Ruby and Diamond Mini Sun Sign Medallion ONLY
    Ruby Candy Stacking Ring

    Alice cicolini Ruby Candy Stacking Ring


    Ruby Baguette Charm Bracelet


    Rachel Quinn Ruby Sweet P Necklace

    Rachel quinn Ruby Sweet P Necklace


    Ruby Signet Ring

    Elizabeth street Ruby Signet Ring


    Ruby Textile Bracelet


    Heirloom Bezel Ruby Stud Earrings
    Pascale Monvoisin Ruby and Diamond Orso N°1 Bracelet


    Celine Daoust Ruby and Diamond Drops and Eye Hoop Earrings
    Ruby Flower Overlay Charm Pendant ONLY
    Ruby Rondelle Beaded Bracelet


    Jennie Kwon Ruby Aria Stud Earrings


    Margaret Solow Ruby Pendant Necklace

    Margaret solow Ruby Pendant Necklace


    Jennie Kwon Rubies and Diamond Equilibrium Ring
    Rose Gold Ruby Mini Macro Hoop Earrings


    Asymmetrical Ruby Echo Necklace
    Ruby Baby Malak Bonbon Marquise Ring
    Ruby Charm Bracelet

    Tenthousandthings Ruby Charm Bracelet


    Jennie Kwon Ruby Mazurka Necklace
    Ruby Crux Ring

    Fraser hamilton Ruby Crux Ring


    Ruby Miniflower 1 Bracelet


    Small Ruby Textile Earrings - TWISTonline
    Margaret Solow Ruby Pendant Necklace

    Margaret solow Ruby Pendant Necklace


    Ruby Baguette Candy Lacquer Ring


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