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    Jamie Joseph Jewelry

    SEATTLE - Vibrant colors. Magical surfaces. Classic settings. The jewelry created by Jamie Joseph transforms the most striking gemstones into miniature works of art. Each stone featured in Jamie Joseph jewelry is meticulously faceted using signature stone-cutting techniques. The goal is to bring out each gemstone's distinctive natural characteristics and presence. Collectors of Jamie Joseph jewelry are often drawn to a particular piece's shape, color or luminosity and feel a deep personal connection with it. Notable fans include Naomi Watts, Cameron Diaz and Kate Beckinsale.

    Rectangular Rose Cut Tanzanite Ring
    Oval Azurite in Quartz Ring


    Vertical Teardrop Blue Sapphire Ring
    Oval Inverted Moss Aquamarine Ring
    Asymmetrical Smooth Boulder Opal Ring
    Blue Indonesian Fossilized Opalized Wood Ring
    Oval Kazakhstani Turquoise Ring


    Smooth Round Green Rutilated Quartz Ring
    Oval Rose Cut Aquamarine Ring


    Rose Cut Teardrop Labradorite and Diamond Ring
    Asymmetrical Watermelon Tourmaline Ring
    Oval Inverted African Ruby Ring


    Oval Cobalt Calcite Druzy Ring


    Oval Vertical African Ruby Ring


    Asymmetrical Cultured Pearl Ring


    Oval Australian Opal Ring


    Smooth Oval Golden Rutilated Quartz Ring
    Oval White Buffalo Turquoise Ring


    Asymmetrical Linen Moonstone Ring
    Rose Cut Orange Chalcedony Ring
    Oval Copper in Quartz Ring


    Jamie Joseph Oval Smooth Pink Tourmaline Ring


    Jamie Joseph Round Rose Cut Green Onyx and Diamond Ring
    Jamie Joseph Smooth Oval Mother of Pearl and Diamond Ring
    Jamie Joseph Round Rose Cut Grey Moonstone and Diamond Ring
    Jamie Joseph Smooth Round Obsidian and Diamond Ring - Angled View
    Jamie Joseph Oval Smooth White Rainbow Moonstone Ring
    Jamie Joseph Lavender Druzy Ring

    Jamie joseph Lavender Druzy Ring


    Jamie Joseph Oval Snakeskin Agate Ring


    Jamie Joseph Square White Rainbow Moonstone Ring
    Jamie Joseph Oval Smooth Peridot Ring


    Jamie Joseph Rectangular Blue Green Tourmaline Ring
    Oval Smooth Rhodonite Ring


    Jamie Joseph Rectangular Uvarovite and Diamond Ring
    Smooth Teardrop Chrysoprase and Diamond Ring
    Rose Cut Labradorite Ring


    Jamie Joseph Small Teardrop Boulder Opal Ring


    Jamie Joseph Asymmetrical Boulder Opal Ring


    Jamie Joseph Fossilized Palm Wood and Diamond Ring
    Jamie Joseph Oval Aghanite Ring Side View

    Jamie joseph Oval Aghanite Ring


    Jamie Joseph Rectangular Italian Rhodonite Ring Side View
    Cathy Waterman Triangular Trapiche Amethyst and Diamond Ring
    Jamie Joseph Oval Inverted Rose Quartz Ring Side


    Jamie Joseph Inverted Oval Morganite Ring Side


    Jamie Joseph Oval Smooth Green Tourmaline Ring Side


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