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    dan-yell jewelry

    BROOKLYN - Beginning as a young child collecting stones from the Smithsonian Museum giftshop, Danyell Rascoe's design aims to balance delicate forms with a strength that allows the jewelry to be worn everyday. Softened geometric forms made from sterling silver and 10K yellow gold.

    dan-yell Habibi Grey Diamond Necklace
    dan-yell Grey Diamond Earrings


    dan-yell Nuri Grey Diamond Pendant Necklace
    dan-yell Olena Diamond Ring


    dan-yell Erin Light Blue Sapphire Ring
    dan-yell Lil Chili Light Blue Sapphire Necklace
    dan-yell Black Diamond Kulua Hoop Earrings
    dan-yell Pisa Black Diamond Pendant Necklace
    dan-yell Gold Patala Diamond Ring


    dan-yell Psylli Charm Holder Necklace
    dan-yell Silma Black Diamond Ring


    dan-yell Tugay Charm Holder Necklace
    dan-yell Celah Grey Diamond Necklace
    dan-yell Gray Diamond Baran Earrings
    dan-yell Mazs Diamond Necklace
    dan-yell Solid Jwala Earrings


    dan-yell Silma Light Blue Sapphire Ring
    dan-yell Orbis Diamond Pendant Necklace
    dan-yell Basit Diamond Ring


    dan-yell Baran Black Diamond Pendant Necklace
    Silver Large Kerang Hoop Earrings
    Silver Medium Vrtt Earrings
    Silver Medium Lua Hoop Earrings
    Silver Namida Earrings


    Silver Slim Ovu Earrings


    Silver Ravan Earrings


    Gold Gray Diamond Baran Earrings
    Diamond Padma Rosce Pendant Necklace
    Silver Medium Ravan Hoop Earrings
    Mixed Metal Rayne Earrings
    Silver Ovu Earrings


    Black Diamond Masozi Pendant Necklace
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