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    Persée Paris Jewelry

    PARIS – Nawal Laoui founded Persée Paris Jewelry in 2017, inspired by her travels around the world and her appreciation of works by Picasso, Brancusi, Calder and other modern artists. Persée jewelry reflects Laoui's desire to create styles that reveal the brilliance of the diamonds and vibrancy of gemstones without encasing them in settings. Influenced by Greek mythology and her homeland of Morocco, Laoui creates Persée Paris styles hand-crafted with gems that reflect a symphony of light. Persée jewelry is named for Perseus, a mythological figure who was transformed into a golden rain.

    Blue Sapphire Chakra Simple Necklace
    Danae Five Diamond Necklace
    Three Diamond Danae Necklace
    Seven Split Diamonds Danae Necklace
    Danae Seven Split Diamonds Necklace
    Danae Five Diamond Necklace
    Danae Thirty One Diamonds Necklace
    Danae Five Diamonds Necklace
    La Foule Seven Diamond Dangle Necklace
    Diamond Dangle Danae Necklace
    One Diamond Danae Necklace
    Boheme Three Daimond Necklace
    Diamond Dangle SINGLE Hoop Earring
    Danae Single Diamond Dangle Necklace
    Diamond Dangle Amour Bracelet
    Three Diamond Danae Necklace
    Seven Stones Chakra Bracelet
    Thirty Four Rainbow Gem Chakra Necklace
    Twenty Two Rainbow Gem Chakra Necklace
    Danae Single Diamond Dangle Bracelet
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    Persée Jewelry; Creative Fine Jewelry from Paris

    Nawal Laoui, the Moroccan born designer behind the French Jewelry brand Persée has always been inspired by the rich history of fine jewelry. Persée Jewelry is the result of her effort to make quietly beautiful pieces that add a subtle but striking addition to any woman’s look regardless of age.

    Frequently asked questions about Persée Jewelry

    Customers and fans of Persée’s Designer Jewelry often ask the following questions;

    How does Persée Jewelry look so invisibly crafted?

    Wearing Persee jewelry is like wearing a mere suggestion of the jewelry form. There are no cumbersome findings or mountings used in Persée jewelry. Just finely cut stones that look suspended in air like drops of ice. Designer jewelry by Persée is known for its restraint and elegance.

    What makes Persée Designer Jewelry so Distinct?

    Wearing Persée Jewelry is the opposite of statement jewelry. What makes Persée jewelry so different has as much to do with what it’s not as what it is. Persée jewelry is often worn as a layer of jewelry with other pieces as an understated accent.

    Who Wears Persée Jewelry?

    The woman who wears Persée jewelry is often interested in an understated look rather than bling and who wants the stone to speak for itself.

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