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    PARIS - Persée is a collection inspired by the desire to present a pure diamond without a setting in order to reveal more of the stone and its brilliance. Nawal Laoui founded Persée based on the influence from her homeland Morocco and Greek mythology. Each exquisitely hand-crafted piece is set with gems that aim to reflect a symphony of light.

    Danae Five Diamond Necklace
    Three Diamond Danae Necklace
    Danae Nine Diamond Necklace
    Seven Stones Chakra Bracelet
    Three Emeralds Dancing Necklace
    Seven Split Diamonds Danae Necklace
    Diamond Dangle Amour Bracelet
    Danae Seven Split Diamonds Necklace
    Diamond Dangle Mama Bracelet
    Three Diamond Danae Necklace
    Danae Five Diamond Necklace
    Five Diamond Danae Bracelet
    Danae Thirty One Diamonds Necklace
    Five Diamond Danae Dangle Bracelet
    Peridot Chakra Simple Necklace
    Amethyst Chakras Simple Necklace
    Blue Sapphire Chakra Simple Necklace
    Blue Topaz Chakras Simple Necklace
    Danae Three Diamond Vertical Necklace
    Danae Three Diamond Dangle Necklace
    Ruby Chakra Simple Necklace
    Ruby Chakra SINGLE Hoop Earring
    Peridot Chakra SINGLE Hoop Earring
    Pavé Diamond SINGLE Hoop Earring
    Danae Five Diamonds Necklace
    La Foule Seven Diamond Dangle Necklace
    Danae Single Diamond Dangle Bracelet
    Twenty Two Rainbow Gem Chakra Necklace
    Three Diamond Danae Dangle Bracelet
    Thirty Four Rainbow Gem Chakra Necklace
    Danae Single Diamond Dangle Ring
    Diamond Dangle Mama Pendant Necklace
    Danae Seven Diamond Necklace
    Danae Single Diamond Necklace
    Diamond Dangle Danae Necklace
    Diamond Dangle SINGLE Hoop Earring
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