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Baby Green Enamel Protection Medallion ONLY

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With its graphic design and cool toned color, this Foundrae pendant will become your everyday talisman. The 18K yellow gold round medallion is set with green Champlevé enamel and a tiny sparkling diamond. A wings open scarab is depicted on the front in negative space. It hangs from an 18K yellow gold bale and looks perfect as an addition to any of Foundrae's chains.

The scarab is an ancient Egyptian symbol of Khepera, a form of the Sun God, a powerful protector who creates life.

total length : 7/8"
18K yellow gold, enamel and diamond medallion : 5/8" diameter
diamond : 2mm diameter : .015ct
18K yellow gold bale

*price is for pendant ONLY*

Foundrae Jewelry

NEW YORK - Presenting Foundrae, a collection of modern heirloom jewelry designed to inspire wearers to tell their stories and own their truths. Foundrae fine jewelry was founded by Beth Hutchens, who incorporates mythological and classic symbols and a spirit of joy into each of her pieces. The Foundrae jewelry collection features breathtaking styles crafted of 18 karat gold, many accented with diamonds or colorful gemstones. Foundrae designs, evoking wisdom and energy, invite wearers to channel toward growth, self-discovery and reflection. Browse our Foundrae store today and discover your next fine jewelry favorite.

Explore the Symbolism Behind Foundrae Jewelry

Drawing inspiration from an extensive tapestry of historical eras, cultures and philosophies, Foundrae jewelry pays homage to a diverse array of traditions. Beyond mere embellishments, Foundrae jewelry espouses principles that resonate and beguile. Explore Foundrae's curated collection, featuring crests, tokens of love, chain bracelets and captivating charms.

You'll find symbols representing classical mythology, astrological keys, internal direction and more within our Foundrae store. Build your own unique Foundrae necklace or bracelet by choosing from a large selection of chains and charms to create a tenet combination that speaks to you.

Foundrae's Key Principles

Foundrae jewelry is crafted using a combination of breathtaking gemstones with 18-karat gold to give them the depth of yellow color that can only come from this precious metal. Favoring the use of smaller diamonds that lend to a design rather than dominate it, Foundrae makes style the hero of each piece. Those with a more eclectic taste in gemstones will appreciate the onyx, lapis lazuli and quartz that often appear in Foundrae jewelry designs.

The Tenets of Foundrae

Foundrae's tenets represent core beliefs or guiding principles. Each of these tenets can be beautifully conveyed through various symbols from Foundrae's unique lexicon.

  • Reverie: Navigating the delicate balance between reality, dreams and memories, bridging our conscious with the subconscious. Pursue that which ignites passion. Embrace what fuels our spirit.
  • Karma: With each passing moment, we face decisions – how to react, how to progress. Behind every choice lies an intention, and from that intention springs the outcome.
  • Strength: Inner strength resides in us all. Though at times it may diminish, there are moments when we must summon it with fervor. The Strength collection serves as a poignant reminder of its ever-present nature.
  • Internal Compass:: Change begins from within, echoing outward. The compass's cardinal points reflect in mirror-like symmetry; only through introspection can we discern the true direction.
  • Love: Love is the rhythm of our heart. It instills life with purpose and significance. All seven facets of love together define its depth and breadth.
  • Dream: Dream onward – our aspirations can become a reality.
  • Resilience: For it is valuable to chase a life where blossoms persistently flower, even amidst shadows and challenges.
  • Passion: A reminder to embrace life with fervor and wholeheartedness.
  • Wholeness: Wholeness inspires the pursuit of inner harmony through growth and equilibrium in body, mind and soul.
  • Protection: Despite challenges, it's essential to recognize our soul's indomitable spirit. However, we must shield ourselves from our own pessimistic reflections.
  • Astrological Keys: At the heart of the Astrological Keys lies Aether, our luminance; our unity. Our natal charts offer a window into our personalities and the influence of our innate patterns on relationships and self-realization. Understanding is the gateway to harmony.

Foundrae Jewelry, a Reflection of You

Celebrate life's milestones – big or small – with Foundrae jewelry. Every piece is an heirloom, a narrative, a symbol of your beliefs. Indulge in your favorite form of Foundrae:

  • Earrings: Whether you're seeking the delicate whisper of studs or the bold proclamation of drop earrings, each pair of Foundrae earrings tells a story. Imbued with symbols and designs from diverse historical eras, they frame the face with a sparkle that's both timeless and contemporary.
  • Necklaces: From chokers that sit gracefully on the collarbone to longer chains that hold pendants echoing ancient tales, each Foundrae necklace is a curated piece of art.
  • Rings: Every gesture you make becomes a display of elegance and meaning. Be it a bold signet, a delicate band or an intricately designed statement piece, Foundrae rings have a story to tell.
  • Bracelets: A harmonious blend of the past and present. Whether it's the charm bracelets that jingle with every move or the more subtle chain bracelets that wrap the wrist in luxury, there's a piece of Foundrae jewelry for every mood and moment.
  • Wedding Bands: Seal your love with Foundrae wedding bands, where tradition meets modernity. Crafted with precision, joy and a touch of history, each band is a testament to enduring love and commitment.

So Many Ways to Express Yourself

Whether you're dressing up for an event or just stepping out for a casual day, Foundrae pieces add a touch of history, luxury and personal expression to every outfit.

  • Bohemian Elegance: Create a free-spirited yet luxurious vibe with a Foundrae charm necklace.
  • Minimalist Chic: A little Foundrae takes your look a long way. Slip on a Reverie ring or pendant, replete with intricate details wrapped up in a beautiful little package.
  • Edgy Modern: Foundrae's mixed link chain bracelets combine edgy and elegant for an effect that's irresistibly stylish.
  • Classic Romance: Embrace the hopeless romantic within by choosing Foundrae love tokens and drop earrings.
  • Wedding Day Bliss: Pair Foundrae wedding bands with understated earrings or a delicate necklace to shine on your special day.
  • Casual Weekend: Get a chic uptick when you add a Foundrae bracelet or earring into the mix.
  • Business Casual: Elevate your office look by layering delicate Foundrae necklaces or donning a statement ring.
  • Layered Look: Don't shy away from wearing multiple Foundrae pieces together. Stack your rings, combine various necklace lengths or layer bracelets to create a rich, textured look that says so much about you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Foundrae Jewelry

We're often asked about our collection of Foundrae jewelry. Below are answers to a few of those questions, but please reach out if you have additional inquiries about Foundrae or any of the other designers we spotlight.

What Is the Inspiration Behind Foundrae Jewelry?

Foundrae jewelry is inspired by various periods in history, myriad cultural influences and a range of ideologies. Each piece pays homage to diverse traditions, with symbols and designs that resonate with principles and tenets from various backgrounds.

What Is a Belcher Chain?

Belcher chains – also commonly known as rolo chains – are trace chains that feature broad D-shaped links of uniform shape and size. Belcher chains are featured prominently among Foundrae fine jewelry necklaces and bracelets.

What Does the Spade Symbolize in Foundrae Jewelry?

From the English phrase "in spate," the spade symbolizes wisdom, labor and acceptance. As one of the four elements, the spade is a leaf from the cosmic tree that represents life and is said to evoke joy.

Find Yourself in Foundrae Jewelry From TWIST

Self-expression has never been so liberating. Find the styles that best reflect your feelings and beliefs with Foundrae jewelry at TWIST. From Foundrae necklaces to bracelets, earrings to rings and charms, we have the pieces you'll wear and cherish for years to come. Enjoy and share your favorites – browse the Foundrae store now at TWISTonline.

Foundrae Modern Heirloom Jewelry

Explore Foundrae's modern heirloom jewelry in necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets.

Dive into Our Diverse Designer Collections

At TWIST, we proudly present Foundrae alongside a myriad of other esteemed jewelry creators. Discover our captivating range from notable designers like:

Darius Jewelry:Darya Khonsary crafts her pieces, drawing deep inspiration from her Ancient Persian roots, seamlessly connecting modernity with archaeological history through symbolic designs and authentic materials. Every piece follows time-honored Iranian jewelry-making techniques, sculpted from 18-karat gold and bathed in 24-karat gold, bestowing a deep resonance and a lustrous, warm finish.

Brent Neale Jewelry: Brent Neale Winston's passion for jewelry was ignited by her mother, who introduced her to gem exhibitions in their hometown of Baltimore. Upon completing her studies at Johns Hopkins University, the influential jewelry historian Penny Proddow persuaded Winston to further her education at the Fashion Institute of Technology. There, she acquired an associate's degree in jewelry design. Drawing inspiration from literature, art and music, each handcrafted piece from the Brent Neale collection embodies its own story and fantasy. Winston infuses each creation with a touch of whimsy and light-heartedness.

Brooke Gregson Jewelry: Brooke Gregson weaves together her deep-seated passions for jewelry, textiles, astrology and gemstones, crafting a standout collection of fine jewelry with timeless flair. Operating studios in both London and Los Angeles, Brooke's designs — including her Astrology and Hand-Woven Silk pieces — radiate a seamless, feminine charm. Her early intrigue in jewelry was kindled by her father's expansive fine jewelry assortment, leading her to embark on her own creative journey from a tender age. As a versatile artist, textile designer and jeweler, Brooke constantly explores and innovates with eclectic, organic materials.

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Baby Green Enamel Protection Medallion ONLY