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    Sofia Zakia Jewelry

    MONTREAL - During her childhood, Sofia Zakia was fascinated by science fiction and gothic literature. She directed this creative energy into the visual arts. Since launching the Sofia Zakia jewelry collection in 2015, she's aspired to provide each piece with its own background narrative to create an enchanting mix of fantasy and luxury. Using ethically sourced stones and recycled gold, the Sofia Zakia collection exudes a presence that's ethereal – almost dreamlike – to evoke a sense of magic.

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    Sofia Zakia Jewelry, A Sense Of Magic

    Sofia Zakia jewelry relies heavily on unconventional symbolism from mythology, magic, pop culture and art to create a delicate ceremonial collection. From rose cut diamond celestially inspired engagement rings to worry doll and tarot card necklaces, jewelry by Sofia Zakia is powerful and talismanic with a story to tell. Each piece of jewelry in the Sofia Zakia collection is intentionally designed with meaning and a goal to make the wearer feel powerful.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Sofia Zakia Jewelry

    Learn what makes Sofia Zakia a standout collection with the below FAQ’s and browse our Sofia Zakia for sale to commemorate anything from an engagement to a birthday.

    How Does Sofia Zakia Combine Fantasy and Luxury?

    Sofia Zakia jewelry has a foundation of graceful silhouettes and delicate settings of 14K yellow gold and diamonds. With timeless and classic materials Sofia Zakia explores what fine jewelry can look like with alternative symbols, bringing a sense of magic and fantasy to heirloom quality pieces.

    What Is The Creation Process For Sofia Zakia Jewelry?

    Sofia Zakia jewelry is the brainchild of Sofia Ajram, who draws inspiration from her love of science fiction and gothic literature. Designed and hand crafted in Montreal, each piece of jewelry is created using a wax cast, conception can take anywhere from weeks to months for a new piece of Sofia Zakia jewelry.  

    How Can Sofia Zakia Jewelry Be Personalized?

    Looking for a piece to buy that can be personalized with sweet words of affirmation for yourself or a loved one? Sofia Zakia’s book lockets are the perfect customizable piece with tiny 14K yellow gold pages that can be engraved with your words.

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