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Sofia Zakia

Montreal - Fascinated by science fiction and gothic literature during her childhood, Sofia Zakia channeled her creative energies into the visual arts. After launching her jewelry collection in 2015, she aspires to give each piece a background narrative of its own in an enchanting mix of fantasy and luxury. Using ethically sourced stones and recycled gold her rings exude an ethereal, almost dreamlike, presence - evoking a sense of magic.

Mini Sun Earrings zoom 1_sofia_zakia_gold_mini_sun_earrings

Sofia zakia

Mini Sun Earrings


Celestial Rose Pendant Necklace zoom 1_sofia_zakia_gold_diamond_celestial_rose_necklace

Sofia zakia

Celestial Rose Pendant Necklace


Woodland Ring zoom 1_sofia_zakia_gold_woodland_ring

Sofia zakia

Woodland Ring


Diamond Saturn Earrings zoom 1_sofia_zakia_gold_diamond_saturn_dangle_earrings

Sofia zakia

Diamond Saturn Earrings


Taurus Written in the Stars Necklace zoom 1_sofia_zakia_gold_taurus_written_stars_necklace
Opal Diamond Wandering Star Ring zoom 1_morphe_gold_diamond_opal_wandering_star_ring1

Sofia zakia

Opal Diamond Wandering Star Ring


Magic Wand SINGLE Ear Climber zoom 1_sofia_zakia_gold_diamond_magic_wand_earring2

Sofia zakia

Magic Wand SINGLE Ear Climber


UFO Pendant Necklace zoom 1_sofia_zakia_gold_diamond_UFO_necklace2

Sofia zakia

UFO Pendant Necklace


Written in the Stars Ring zoom 1_sofia_zakia_gold_written_in_the_stars_ring

Sofia zakia

Written in the Stars Ring


Worry Doll Earrings zoom 1_sofia_zakia_gold_ix_worry_doll_earrings

Sofia zakia

Worry Doll Earrings


Wandering Star Diamond Ring zoom 1_sofia_zakia_gold_diamond_wandering_star_ring

Sofia zakia

Wandering Star Diamond Ring


Weeping Lacrima Necklace zoom 1_sofia_zakia_gold_diamond_weeping_lacrima_necklac

Sofia zakia

Weeping Lacrima Necklace


White Guardian Pearl Ring zoom 1_sofia_zakia_gold_pearl_guardian_ring

Sofia zakia

White Guardian Pearl Ring


Lvna Lariat Necklace zoom 1_sofia_zakia_gold_luna_lariat_necklace

Sofia zakia

Lvna Lariat Necklace


Weeping Lacrima Ring zoom 1_sofia_zakia_gold_diamond_weeping_lacrima_ring

Sofia zakia

Weeping Lacrima Ring


Moonstone Wandering Cosmos Ring zoom 1_sofia_zakia_gold_wandering_cosmos_moon_ring

Sofia zakia

Moonstone Wandering Cosmos Ring


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