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Rosa Maria

LEBANON - Avant-garde, fashion-forward and opulent describe Rosa Maria's non-traditional designs. Bold, sculptural and chunky, her rings combine organically shaped beds of sterling silver set with sparkling natural-colored rose cut diamonds, topaz or a thin layer of gold. When she began her career in 1998, she was met with resistance from the more traditional jewelry houses, but holding fast to her vision, she continued and has since created a collection of earthy, sophisticated rings. Rosa Maria operates her studio with her three sisters in central Beruit and is proud of the fact her craftspeople are both Muslim and Christian. Her studio's production is very small and primarily distributed in fine fashion boutiques throughout Europe and the Middle East. TWIST is very proud to be one of her only outlets outside of these areas.

Gold Oval and Black Diamond Ring zoom 1_rosa_maria_gold_silver_black_diamond_ring

Rosa maria

Gold Oval and Black Diamond Ring


Large Diamond Pavé Silver Ring zoom 1_rosa_maria_large_pave_diamond_ring

Rosa maria

Large Diamond Pavé Silver Ring


Rutilated Quartz and Black Diamond Flavie Ring zoom 1_rosa_maria_silver_diamond_quartz_flavie_ring
Green Quartz and Icy Gray Diamond Carrie Ring zoom 1_rosa_maria_green_rutilated_quartz_diamond_ring
Smoky Quartz and Diamond Amorini Ring zoom 1_rosa_maria_silver_diamond_ruby_rama_ring
Gold Pendant Necklace with Gray Diamond Bale zoom 1_rosa_maria_gold_medallion_diamond_necklace
Rutilated Quartz and Sapphire Necklace zoom 1_rosa_maria_rutlated_quartz_blue_sapphire_necklac
Serpentine and Black Diamond Necklace zoom 1_rosa_maria_silver_diamond_serpentine_necklace
Pink Quartz and Diamond Nasma Pendant Necklace zoom 1_rosa_maria_silver_diamond_pink_quartz_necklace
Concave Silver Necklace with Ice Yellow Diamonds zoom 1_rosa_maria_silver_yellow_diamond_pendant_necklac
Fuji Ring with Blue Sapphires zoom 1_rosa_maria_ring

Rosa maria

Fuji Ring with Blue Sapphires


Prasolite and Rose Cut Diamond Earrings zoom 1_rosa_maria_prasiolite_diamond_stud_earrings
Ametrine and Gray Diamond Earrings zoom 1_rosa_maria_silver_diamond_ametrine_earrings
Silver Cassius Ring zoom 1_rosa_maria_silver_cassius_ring

Rosa maria

Silver Cassius Ring


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