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Coral and Ruby Chain Earrings zoom 1_monaka_gold_coral_ruby_earrings
Super Seven and Sapphire Chain Earrings zoom 1_monaka_super_seven_sapphire_chain_earrings
Strawberry Quartz and Ruby Chain Earrings zoom 1_monaka_strawberry_quartz_ruby_earrings
Imperial Topaz Chain SINGLE Earring zoom 1_monaka_gold_imperial_topaz_earring
Boulder Opal Chain SINGLE Earring zoom 1_monaka_gold_boulder_opal_chain_earring2
Rutilated Quartz SINGLE Earring zoom 1_monaka_gold_rutilated_quartz_earring2
Agate and Diamond Vignette Earrings zoom 1_kothari_elements_gold_agate_diamond_earrings1

Kothari elements

Agate and Diamond Vignette Earrings


Pearl and Sapphire Mini Hoop Earrings zoom 1_dorette_gold_pearl_sapphire_earrings
Multi-Gem Mini Hoop Earrings zoom 1_dorette_gold_spinel_sapphire_diamond_earrings


Multi-Gem Mini Hoop Earrings


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