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    Dezso By Sara Beltran

    JAIPUR - The designer of Dezso, Sara Beltrán, started her career as a fashion stylist in New York City. After years in the industry, she shifted her focus to designing jewelry and gave birth to her Dezso Jewelry collection – Dezso being the Latin word for "Desire." Inspired by her love for the ocean, beaches and nature in general, she moved to Jaipur, where she began creating jewelry from items she'd collected on the beaches of Mexico. Dezso by Sara Beltrán features styles incorporating fossilized coral, bracelets woven by Mexican artists, slices of polki diamonds and semi-precious gemstones such as kyanite. All these elements come together to create the bohemian, eclectic, summer-ready look of Dezso Jewelry.

    Murex Shell and Citrine Earrings
    Coral Seahorse and Citrine Earrings
    Dezso Coral Citrine Starfish Charm ONLY
    Classic Pearl Charm Pendant ONLY
    Dezso Gray Pearl Charm Pendant ONLY
    Dezso Dark Gray Pearl Charm Pendant ONLY
    Dezso Taupe Pearl Charm Pendant ONLY
    Lapis Diamond Eye Crab Charm ONLY
    Deco Classic Chain - TWISTonline


    Fossil Coral Shell Charm Pendant - TWISTonline
    Dezso Deco Shark Fin Chain Necklace
    Wave Rose Gold Wire Necklace - TWISTonline
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