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SALE 2020 FAQ's:

Why can't I see any of the Sale jewelry online?
Go here:

How long does this sale last?
For the first time ever, we have decided to extend the sale!!!! 

If something sells out, can I order it?
Nope! We have a limited number of items and once they are gone, they are gone! Act fast!

I am seeing something in stock, but when I click on it, it disappears!
Yes - frustrating, right? There is unusually high traffic on our site during the sale! So many great deals! HINT: refresh browser and / or open a brand new tab for TWISTonline to access the most recent and updated version of the site.

How can I search for a particular designer who is in the Sale?
Just type the designer (or type of jewelry or material) in the search field along with 'Sale 2020' to pull up a filtered view. Example: 'Sale 2020 Grace Lee' or 'Sale 2020 Necklaces'.

Will you email me photos of jewelry I'm interested in?
No - we just do not have enough bandwidth to take additional photos during this time. Measurements and images are all online.

Can I use another discount with my Sale 2020 Order?
There are no other promotions / discounts with Sale orders. 

Can I return or exchange my order?
ALL SALES ARE FINAL during our once a year Sale! 

What if I am ordering 'regular' priced items? Do I still have to pay for shipping?
If your items do not include Sale 2020 items, shipping will be deducted / refunded as appropriate.

Why don't I see the original price in the shopping cart?
The prices reflected during checkout are the accurate Sale prices.

Is other jewelry on the site part of the Sale?
ONLY jewelry in the Sale 2020 Jewelry edit are included.

Is shipping free?
No, you will need to select Ground, 2nd Day or Overnight for your method of delivery. There will be a charge according to the tier you select.

Is signature required?
ALL ORDERS over $1000 will require a signature regardless of delivery method.

Can my order be gift wrapped?
Jewelry in Sale orders will not come in a gift pouch and will not be gift wrapped.