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Lapis Gold and Gray Bead Bracelet zoom 1_debbie_fisher_lapis_beaded_bracelet

Debbie fisher

Lapis Gold and Gray Bead Bracelet


Gray Mystic Sapphire and Gold Bead Bracelet zoom 1_debbie_fisher_mystic_sapphire_gold_vermeil_brrac
Hexagonal Link Bracelet zoom 1_jane_diaz_silver_hexagonal_link_bracelet

Jane diaz

Hexagonal Link Bracelet


Gold Plated Chain Link Bracelet zoom 1_jane_diaz_gold_plain_chain_link_bracelet
Oval Link Bracelet zoom 1_jane_diaz_silver_oval_link_chain_bracelet

Jane diaz

Oval Link Bracelet


Three Bangle Open Cuff Bracelet zoom 1_jane_diaz_gold_three_bangle_cuff_bracelet
Short Squiggle Cuff Bracelet  zoom 1_jane_diaz_gold_squiggle_cuff_bracelet

Jane diaz

Short Squiggle Cuff Bracelet


Gold Plated Classic Open Bangle zoom 1_jane_diaz_gold_classic_cuff_bracelet
Open Classic Cuff Bracelet  zoom 1_jane_diaz_silver_classic_cuff_bracelet

Jane diaz

Open Classic Cuff Bracelet


Thin Blackened Silver Cuff Bracelet  zoom 1_jane_diaz_silver_bangle_cuff_bracelet
Mystic Green Quartz Beaded Bracelet  zoom 1_debbie_fisher_mystic_green_quartz_beaded_bracele
Hammered Heart Bracelet zoom 1_zoe_chicco_gold_open_heart_bracelet

Zoë chicco

Hammered Heart Bracelet


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