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    Todd Pownell Jewelry 

    OHIO - Todd Pownell has created his TAP ring collection inspired by the journey from emotion to experience and back. Each exquisitely hand-crafted ring is a study in light, form, contrast and materials. This fascination with the intrinsic properties of gems, metals and construction have led him to create a stunning line of rings which evoke a raw, rugged - yet extremely refined - 'vehicle for expressive desires and nomadic thoughts'.

    Todd Pownell Round Link and Diamond Oval Chain Bracelet
    Inverted Triple Diamond Stud Earrings - TWISTonline
    Double Half Moon Diamond Solitaire
    Petite Inverted Diamond Pendant Necklace - TWISTonline
    Inverted Diamond Trio Earrings - TWISTonline


    Double Floating Diamond Necklace


    Gold Inverted Diamond Trio Post Earrings
    Gold and Mixed Diamond Bangle Bracelet - TWISTonline
    Inverted Diamond Stud Earrings


    Free Set Diamond Necklace - TWISTonline


    Inverted Diamond Posts - TWISTonline

    Todd pownell Inverted Diamond Posts


    Free Set Mixed Diamond Necklace


    Multi Dangle Diamond Bracelet


    Tiny Inverted Diamond Stud Earrings - TWISTonline
    Light Yellow Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Irregular Diamond Hoop Earrings


    Todd Pownell Baguette Diamond Pin-Set Diamond Ring
    Todd Pownell Free Set Pear Diamond Pendant Necklace
    Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Pear Shaped Inverted Diamond Drop Earrings
    Todd Pownell 8mm Eroded Hammered Men's Band


    Todd Pownell 6mm Flat Rustic Hammered Men's Band
    Double Diamond Stud Earrings


    Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire


    Old European Cut Round Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Todd Pownell Diamond Trillion Dangle Earrings


    Irregular Diamond Eternity Band - TWISTonline


    Wide Band Triple Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Todd Pownell Double Pear Yellow Diamond Ring


    Todd Pownell Round Rose Cut Free Set Diamond Chain Necklace
    Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire


    Inverted Diamond and Tube Halo Earrings - TWISTonline
    Todd Pownell Half Moon Double Diamond Ring


    Todd Pownell Triple Rose Cut Diamond Pendant Necklace
    Mixed Metal Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire
    Todd Pownell Marquise Diamond Cluster Drop Earrings
    Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Todd Pownell Free Set Mixed Diamond Necklace


    Todd Pownell Free Set Baguette Diamond Pendant Necklace
    Diamond Scatter Hoop Earrings - TWISTonline


    Todd Pownell Round Rose Cut Diamond Chain Dangle Necklace
    Todd Pownell Emerald and Baguette Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Small Inverted Diamond Stud Earrings - TWISTonline
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