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    Symbols, Signs, and Signets

    Jewelry has power. Intense, symbolic, and personal power. Since the beginning of time, it has been worn to represent moments and events, to draw on a particular energy, to encourage luck, or to act as a talisman averting evil or bringing good fortune. Find a strong, statement making piece from this powerful edit.

    Diamond Sagittarius Pendant Necklace - TWISTonline
    Turquoise Evil Eye Bracelet - TWISTonline

    Luis Morais

    Turquoise Evil Eye Bracelet


    Diamond and Evil Eye Ring - TWISTonline
    Beaded Evil Eye Bracelet - TWISTonline
    Capricorn Pendant Necklace

    Anita Ko

    Capricorn Pendant Necklace


    Gray Diamond Third Eye Ring - TWISTonline

    Fiat Lux

    Gray Diamond Third Eye Ring


    Libra Written in the Stars Necklace - TWISTonline
    Diamond Eye Pendant Necklace - TWISTonline

    Luis Morais

    Diamond Eye Pendant Necklace


    Diamond and Sapphire Cat's Eye Cuff Bracelet - TWISTonline
    Small Cancer Zodiac Pendant Necklace - TWISTonline
    White Opal and Diamond Buddha Pendant ONLY - TWISTonline
    Kitten Eye Diamond Earrings - TWISTonline

    Ileana Makri

    Kitten Eye Diamond Earrings


    Turquoise Heart Signet Pendant Necklace
    Kahlo Signet Ring

    Digby & Iona

    Kahlo Signet Ring


    Gauguin Signet Ring

    Digby & Iona

    Gauguin Signet Ring


    Silver and Diamond Lord's Prayer Token ONLY - TWISTonline
    Engraved Enameled Diamond Talisman Ring - TWISTonline
    Beaded Eye Charm Bracelet - TWISTonline

    Luis Morais

    Beaded Eye Charm Bracelet


    Eye Heart Evil Eye Hand Tiny Joys Necklace - TWISTonline
    Pisces Pendant Necklace

    Anita Ko

    Pisces Pendant Necklace


    Marquise Diamond Signet Ring - TWISTonline

    Zoë Chicco

    Marquise Diamond Signet Ring


    Diamond Protection Talisman Bracelet - TWISTonline

    Brooke Gregson

    Diamond Protection Talisman Bracelet


    Ajpu Worry Doll Pendant Necklace - TWISTonline
    Sapphire and Diamond Evil Eye Earrings - TWISTonline
    Evil Eye Charm Bracelet - TWISTonline

    Marie-Hélène de Taillac

    Evil Eye Charm Bracelet


    Small Diamond Leo Pendant Necklace - TWISTonline
    Guardian Signet Ring - TWISTonline

    Jennie Kwon

    Guardian Signet Ring


    A Charmed Life Bracelet - TWISTonline

    Aisha Baker

    A Charmed Life Bracelet


    Malachite and Diamond Clover Signet Ring
    Chevalière Earth Ring - TWISTonline

    Elie Top

    Chevalière Earth Ring


    Multi Charm Symbol of Life Necklace
    Pearly Yin Yang Drop Earrings - TWISTonline

    Susan Alexandra

    Pearly Yin Yang Drop Earrings


    Black and White Eye Balance Earrings
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