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    Space Out

    There is something magical about celestially inspired jewelry, reminding us that we are just a speck in the Universe. Using other-worldly intrigue to create a captivating interpretation wrought in silver, gold, diamonds, enamel or other gems adds a symbolic layer to this edit. Stars can represent hope while the moon often depicts feminine power, creativity, and wisdom.

    Diamond Crescent Moon Stud Earrings
    Written in the Stars Wide Band

    Sofia Zakia

    Written in the Stars Wide Band


    Elena Votsi Blue Sapphire Diamond Star Charm ONLY
    Wandering Star Diamond Ring - TWISTonline

    Sofia Zakia

    Wandering Star Diamond Ring


    Crescent Moon Ring - TWISTonline

    Sofia Zakia

    Crescent Moon Ring


    Pearl Half Moon Earrings

    Jennie Kwon

    Pearl Half Moon Earrings


    Crescent Moon and Diamond Necklace
    Aventurine Painted Art Dreamy Bracelet

    Anna Maccieri Rossi

    Aventurine Painted Art Dreamy Bracelet


    Black Onyx Le Stelle Button Earrings
    Fossil Diamond Opal Galaxy Earrings - TWISTonline

    Bibi van der Velden

    Fossil Diamond Opal Galaxy Earrings


    Single Diamond Crescent Pendant ONLY
    Baguette Diamond Star Ring


    Baguette Diamond Star Ring


    Enamel Moon Charm Bracelet
    Mini Black Onyx Inlay Crescent Charm Pendant ONLY
    Star Tarot Card Necklace

    Sofia Zakia

    Star Tarot Card Necklace


    Diamond Moon Phase Wedding Band
    Opal Engraved Half Moon Diamond Stud Earrings
    Boulder Opal Stargaze Enamel Diamond Necklace
    Rainbow Moon and Star Beaded Bracelet
    Diamond Star SINGLE Stud Earring
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