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    A Sea of Tranquility

    With the change of season comes an opportunity to refresh and rest, let the pieces in this collection remind you of the calming tones of blue found in the seas. Revive your senses and your style with a collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings that embody tranquility. 

    Smooth Green Beryl Beaded Bracelet
    Mint Green Tourmaline Ring - TWISTonline

    Disa Allsopp

    Mint Green Tourmaline Ring


    Pale Blue-Green Sapphire Salal Ring

    Fraser Hamilton

    Pale Blue-Green Sapphire Salal Ring


    White Gold Orb Charm Bracelet

    Shamballa Jewels

    White Gold Orb Charm Bracelet


    Cool Toned Multi Gem Spun Sugar Necklace
    Diamond and Sapphire Simple Ring - TWISTonline
    Pale Blue Tourmaline Ring - TWISTonline

    Elizabeth Street

    Pale Blue Tourmaline Ring


    Round Blue Moonstone Earrings

    Nikolle Radi

    Round Blue Moonstone Earrings


    Blue Topaz Fringe Necklace - TWISTonline

    Kothari Elements

    Blue Topaz Fringe Necklace


    Chrysocolla and Apatite Beaded Bracelet
    Retro Aquamarine Ring

    Stephanie Windsor Vintage

    Retro Aquamarine Ring


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