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    Turquoise and Peridot Evil Eye Necklace
    Sapphire Hamsa Hand Stud Earrings
    Baby Blue Evil Eye Resin Beaded Bracelet
    Blue Enamel Thin Karma Stacking Ring
    Tanzanite Eye Charm Bracelet - TWISTonline

    Marie-Hélène de Taillac

    Tanzanite Eye Charm Bracelet


    Evil Eye Universum Medallion Signet Ring
    Red Enamel Strength Thin Stacking Band
    Red Eye Will Protect You Forever Locket Necklace
    Tiered Lion Fantasy Signet Ring
    Medium Protection Medallion Charm ONLY
    Worry Doll Studs

    Sofia Zakia

    Worry Doll Studs


    Emerald Hamsa Hand Stud Earrings
    Black Diamond Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
    Silver Tia Ring

    Castro Smith

    Silver Tia Ring


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