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    Give Her Flowers

    If you're wanting flowers that will last forever, look no further. In this collection you'll find some of our favorite types of flowers - the gold and gem kind! Find something to represent your foray into the season of warmth and color.

    Diamond Flower Ring


    Diamond Flower Ring


    Spring Tone Multi Gem Spun Sugar Bracelet
    Gold and Diamond Flower Bouquet Love Token ONLY
    Multi Gem Flower Ring - TWISTonline


    Multi Gem Flower Ring


    Apatite Flower Earrings

    Danielle Welmond

    Apatite Flower Earrings


    Square Cut Amethyst Give Them Flowers Ring
    Two Tone Hydrangea Flower Necklace - TWISTonline
    Marquetry White Lily Drop Earrings - TWISTonline

    Silvia Furmanovich

    Marquetry White Lily Drop Earrings


    Triple Silver Flowery Drop Earrings
    Carved Quartz Tulip Ring - TWISTonline

    Sevan Bicakci

    Carved Quartz Tulip Ring


    Silver Hydrangea Bracelet

    John Iversen

    Silver Hydrangea Bracelet


    Fiore Diamant Necklace

    Sophie Bille Brahe

    Fiore Diamant Necklace


    Mother-of-Pearl and Diamond Wild Rose Ring
    Mother of Pearl and Turquoise Dogwood Branch Earrings
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