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Tokyo, Japan - "Monaka" is an archaic word for the mid-autumn full moon. Jewelry designer Asako Hojin uses this name for her stunning, hand made collection of jewels. With a mineralogist's love for stones, her inspiration is derived from the natural and distinctive beauty of each rock. Her background in accessories and buying has helped her hone her craft for creating a completely handcrafted and unparalleled collection.

Coral and Ruby Chain Earrings zoom 1_monaka_gold_coral_ruby_earrings
Super Seven and Sapphire Chain Earrings zoom 1_monaka_super_seven_sapphire_chain_earrings
Morganite and Ruby Chain Earrings zoom 1_monaka_morganite_ruby_chain_earrings
Strawberry Quartz and Ruby Chain Earrings zoom 1_monaka_strawberry_quartz_ruby_earrings
Sunstone and Pink Sapphire Chain Earrings zoom 1_monaka_sunstone_sapphire_earrings
Imperial Topaz Chain SINGLE Earring zoom 1_monaka_gold_imperial_topaz_earring
Pear Shaped Emerald Ring zoom 1_monaka_pear_shaped_emerald_ring


Pear Shaped Emerald Ring


Azurite Chain SINGLE Earring zoom 1_monaka_gold_azurite_chain_earring2
Boulder Opal Chain SINGLE Earring zoom 1_monaka_gold_boulder_opal_chain_earring2
Rutilated Quartz SINGLE Earring zoom 1_monaka_gold_rutilated_quartz_earring2
Star Ruby Ring zoom 1_monaka_gold_star_ruby_ring1


Star Ruby Ring


Jelly Opal Ring zoom 1_monaka_gold_fire_opal_ring


Jelly Opal Ring


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