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Jill Planter

NEW YORK - Jill Platner is a true New York City designer. Creating organically inspired jewelry for over 20 years in her light-filled Soho loft, she continues to design incredible necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings combining sterling silver and durable tenara thread. Her jewelry is a true reflection of her down-to-earth, relaxed style and her passion to explore the vast realm of her creativity.

Beam Earrings  zoom 1

Jill platner

Beam Earrings


Gold Antiope Earrings zoom 1_jill_platner_gold_anitope_earrings

Jill platner

Gold Antiope Earrings


Hustle Hoop Earrings  zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_hustle_hoop_earrings

Jill platner

Hustle Hoop Earrings


Cha Cha Cha Earrings  zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_triangle_fringe_earrings

Jill platner

Cha Cha Cha Earrings


Kitty Earrings zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_kitty_dangle_earrings

Jill platner

Kitty Earrings


Diamond Sofia Stud Earrings zoom 1_jill_platner_rose_gold_diamond_sofia_earrings

Jill platner

Diamond Sofia Stud Earrings


Classic Hoop Earrings zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_classic_hoop_earrings

Jill platner

Classic Hoop Earrings


Blush Earrings zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_blush_dangle_earrings

Jill platner

Blush Earrings


Jitterbug Earrings zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_jitter_bug_dangle_earrings

Jill platner

Jitterbug Earrings


Hula Hoop Earrings zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_hula_hoop_earrings

Jill platner

Hula Hoop Earrings


Scarlet Earrings zoom 1

Jill platner

Scarlet Earrings


Hop Dangle Earrings zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_hop_dangle_earrings

Jill platner

Hop Dangle Earrings


Moondrop Earrings zoom 1

Jill platner

Moondrop Earrings


Birdsnest Earrings zoom 1

Jill platner

Birdsnest Earrings


Shine Posts Earrings zoom 1

Jill platner

Shine Posts Earrings


Fushia Earrings zoom 1

Jill platner

Fushia Earrings


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