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Jill Planter

NEW YORK - Jill Platner is a true New York City designer. Creating organically inspired jewelry for over 20 years in her light-filled Soho loft, she continues to design incredible necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings combining sterling silver and durable tenara thread. Her jewelry is a true reflection of her down-to-earth, relaxed style and her passion to explore the vast realm of her creativity.

In My Life Bracelet zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_in_my_life_bracelet

Jill platner

In My Life Bracelet


Sprout Bracelet zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_sprout_bracelet

Jill platner

Sprout Bracelet


Baby Bead Bracelet zoom 1

Jill platner

Baby Bead Bracelet


Path Bracelet  zoom 1_jill_platner_bracelet

Jill platner

Path Bracelet


Men's Black Leather Tote Road Bracelet zoom 1_jill_platner_mens_tote_road_leather_bracelet
Birdbone Bracelet zoom 1

Jill platner

Birdbone Bracelet


Ricardo Bracelet  zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_ricardo_bracelet1

Jill platner

Ricardo Bracelet


Fringe Bracelet zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_fringe_bracelet

Jill platner

Fringe Bracelet


Torch Brown Leather Bracelet zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_brown_leather_torch_bracelet

Jill platner

Torch Brown Leather Bracelet


Swan Bracelet with Diamonds zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_diamond_swan_bracelet

Jill platner

Swan Bracelet with Diamonds


Winnie Bracelet with Diamonds zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_diamond_winnie_bracelet

Jill platner

Winnie Bracelet with Diamonds


Sequin Bracelet  zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_sequin_bracelet

Jill platner

Sequin Bracelet


Angelica Bracelet  zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_angelica_bracelet

Jill platner

Angelica Bracelet


Sea Serpent Bracelet  zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_sea_serpent_bracelet

Jill platner

Sea Serpent Bracelet


Dub Bracelet zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_dub_bracelet

Jill platner

Dub Bracelet


Tiny Sequin Bracelet  zoom 1_jill_platner_silver_tiny_sequin_bracelet

Jill platner

Tiny Sequin Bracelet


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