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Wearing a piece of jewelry encrusted with stunning, shimmering gemstones is the natural way to lift the color quotient of your collection. Combined with rich gold, sterling silver, and other earthy materials, precious gems add a depth to the level of sophistication of your look. Get lifted with this collection.It has far less calories than all of the holiday candy you've been eating.

Blue Sapphire and Emerald Necklace zoom 1_margaret_solow_sapphire_emerald_necklace

Margaret solow

Blue Sapphire and Emerald Necklace


Blue Sapphire Emerald Ruby Necklace zoom 1_rusty_thought_gold_blue_sapphire_emerald_necklac

Rusty thought

Blue Sapphire Emerald Ruby Necklace


Multi-Briolette Circus Necklace zoom 1_mallary_marks_gold_mixed_gem_circus_necklace

Mallary marks

Multi-Briolette Circus Necklace


Pink Tourmaline and Ruby Necklace zoom 1_margaret_solow_tourmaline_ruby_necklace

Margaret solow

Pink Tourmaline and Ruby Necklace


Citrine Ombre Necklace zoom 1_nicole_landaw_gold_citrine_ombre_necklace

Nicole landaw

Citrine Ombre Necklace


Rainbow Gem Tennis Bracelet zoom 1_brent_neale_gold_rainbow_tennis_bracelet

Brent neale

Rainbow Gem Tennis Bracelet


Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings zoom 1_cathy_waterman_gold_diamond_aqua_earrings

Cathy waterman

Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings


Pink Sapphire Cherry Blossom Half Shield Ring zoom 1_polly_wales_gold_half_shield_ring
Rainbow Sapphire Celeste Spinning Disc Necklace zoom 1_polly_wales_gold_multi_gem_celest_disc_necklace
Gabrielle D'Estree Earrings zoom 1_marie_helene_de_taillac_gold_multi_color_gabriel

Marie-hélène de taillac

Gabrielle D'Estree Earrings


Four Stone Kaleidoscope Mughal Cluster Necklace zoom 1_pippa_small_mixed_stone_kaleidoscope_mughal_neck
Multi Stone Square Bead Bracelet zoom 1_shamballa_jewels_mixed_square_bead_bracelet

Shamballa jewels

Multi Stone Square Bead Bracelet


Multi Gem Drop Necklace zoom 1_eden_presley_gold_rainbow_stone_necklace

Eden presley

Multi Gem Drop Necklace


Jelly Opal Ring zoom 1_monaka_gold_fire_opal_ring


Jelly Opal Ring


Mandarin Garnet and Rubelite Bon Bon Earrings zoom 1_mallary_marks_garnet_rubellite_bon_bon_earrings
Mixed Gem Jubilee Bracelet zoom 1_mallary_marks_gold_chain_tassel_bracelet

Mallary marks

Mixed Gem Jubilee Bracelet


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