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    Paris - Céline Rivet is a daughter, a mother, a woman in the image of Gaya - free, wild and solar. After a childhood in Paris and Sologne and studying gemology, it was in the diamond business that Céline Rivet’s professional career began. Her passion for gems took her to Antwerp, India, the United States and Madagascar. She has imagined a new brand of colorful, fresh, light and elegant jewelry. A creator deeply rooted in her time and endowed with acute sensitivity, she has created the Gaya brand as a vector of universal love, paying tribute to free women wishing to live their daily life in the light.

    Five Mini Charm Necklace
    Symbol of Life Charm Bracelet
    Zelie Hoop Earrings


    Zelie Hoop Earrings


    Evil Eye Symbol of Life Bracelet
    Heart Symbol of Life Ring
    Opal Color for Life Charms ONLY
    Multi Charm Symbol of Life Necklace
    Winged Heart Symbol of Life Ring
    Eye Symbol of Life Charms ONLY
    Mini Zelie Hoop Earrings
    Key Symbol of Life Charms ONLY
    Key Color for Life Necklace
    Healing Water of Life Necklace
    Evil Eye Charm Necklace
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