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    FUTURA Jewelry

    NEW YORK - After working for some of the top jewelry brands in the world, Bob Donofrio founded FUTURA with the hope of introducing a way for the fine jewelry world to reduce its mercury emissions. Each piece of designer jewelry by FUTURA is 18K Certified Fairmined Ecological, mercury-free gold. The gold in FUTURA Jewelry rings comes from the only three certified Fairmined mines in the world that mine for gold without using toxic chemicals. There's no better way to feel good about your gold than by choosing FUTURA designer jewelry.

    FUTURA Smitten Ring

    Futura Smitten Ring


    FUTURA Emily Ring

    Futura Emily Ring


    FUTURA Ethereal Ring

    Futura Ethereal Ring


    FUTURA Sincerity Ring


    FUTURA Enchantment Ring


    FUTURA Amore Ring

    Futura Amore Ring


    FUTURA Men's Enchantment Band


    FUTURA Men's Amore Ring


    FUTURA Men's Tenderness Band


    FUTURA Men's Sincerity Band


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