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Eden Presley

NYC - Eden Presley was founded by Gwen Myers who is a mom and a wife with a really cool day job doing what she loves…creating, buying and making beautiful things.
She designs with a bold and daring spirit, fusing classic and traditional motifs with modern and unusual elements, as well as pushing the boundaries of fine jewelry by combining precious materials with semi-precious ones. Gwen designs artful jewelry that reflects her passion for elegance. At Eden Presley we rely on a woman's desire to own jewelry that can be worn in any situation, daily and casual or black tie and extraordinary. Each limited edition piece is individually hand-set in 14k gold or sterling silver with an impeccable attention to detail and finish.

Turquoise and Ruby Bloom Earrings zoom 1_eden_presley_gold_turquoise_ruby_earrings1

Eden presley

Turquoise and Ruby Bloom Earrings


Candy Gem Eternity Band zoom 1_eden_presley_gold_rainbow_stone_geo_ring

Eden presley

Candy Gem Eternity Band


Aquamarine and Amethyst Ring zoom 1_eden_presley_gold_aquamarine_amethyst_ring

Eden presley

Aquamarine and Amethyst Ring


Multi-Stone Marquise Ring zoom 1_eden_presley_gold_sapphire_tanzanite_ring

Eden presley

Multi-Stone Marquise Ring


Multi-Stone Jaws Ring zoom 1_eden_presley_gold_mixed_stone_jaws_ring

Eden presley

Multi-Stone Jaws Ring


Multi-Gem Marquise Eternity Band zoom 1_eden_presley_gold_rainbow_stone_marquise_ring

Eden presley

Multi-Gem Marquise Eternity Band


Pastel-Toned Bar Pendant Necklace zoom 1_alice_cicolini_gold_opal_mini_stone_bar_necklace

Eden presley

Pastel-Toned Bar Pendant Necklace


Rainbow Gem Diamond Heart Flip Necklace zoom 1_eden_presley_gold_rainbow_stone_heart_necklace
Lapis Diamond Moon and Stars Necklace zoom 1_eden_presley_gold_lapis_diamond_moon_stars_neckl

Eden presley

Lapis Diamond Moon and Stars Necklace


Multi Gem Drop Necklace zoom 1_eden_presley_gold_rainbow_stone_necklace

Eden presley

Multi Gem Drop Necklace


Sapphire Color Stick Necklace zoom 1_eden_presley_gold_sapphire_color_stick_choker_ne

Eden presley

Sapphire Color Stick Necklace


Blue-Toned Bar Pendant Necklace zoom 1_eden_presley_gold_topaz_opal_aquamarine_necklace

Eden presley

Blue-Toned Bar Pendant Necklace


Multi-Sapphire Cascade Earrings zoom 1_eden_presley_gold_marquise_rainbow_earrings

Eden presley

Multi-Sapphire Cascade Earrings


Trio Gem Bar Earrings zoom 1_alice_cicolini_gold_triple_sapphire_drop_earring

Eden presley

Trio Gem Bar Earrings


Rubelite and Diamond Trio Earrings zoom 1_eden_presley_gold_diamond_tourmaline_earrings1

Eden presley

Rubelite and Diamond Trio Earrings


Blue Sapphire and Pearl Flower Earrings zoom 1_eden_presley_gold_pearl_sapphire_earrings1
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