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Paris - Catherine Lévy has always had a passion for making beautiful jewelry. As a child growing up on Paris, she would assemble wearable creations made from chick peas, pebbles, snail shells and other random objects. She continued to hone her creativity while attending art school where she studied design. During her travels to India, she became dazzled by the profusion of personal adornment she encountered and dreamed of mixing the lush richness of traditional jewelry with jewelry forms of the French provinces. The result is her collection based on the color, form and natural shape of precious gems - each piece 'diffuses a singular murmur and (is) always cheerful company'.

Multi-Gem Simple Ring zoom 1_dorette_gold_ruby_sapphire_emerald_simple_ring


Multi-Gem Simple Ring


Multi-Gem Flower Ring zoom 1_dorette_gold_multigem_flower_ring


Multi-Gem Flower Ring


Emerald and Tourmaline Bague Couronnee Ring zoom 1_dorette_gold_multi_gem_bague_couronnee_ring
Ceramic Eye and Diamond Ring zoom 1_dorette_gold_ceramic_eye_diamond_ring
Evil Eye and Gray Diamond Ring zoom 1_dorette_gold_diamond_ceramic_eye_ring
Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Simple Ring zoom 1_dorette_gold_gray_diamond_bague_simple_ring
Diamond Simple Ring zoom 1_dorette_gold_diamond_simple_ring


Diamond Simple Ring


Multi-Gem Jarretière Ring zoom 1_dorette_gold_sapphire_ring


Multi-Gem Jarretière Ring


Diamond Pink Tourmaline Swivel Ring zoom 1_dorette_gold_tourmaline_diamond_swivel_ring
Multi-Gem Evil Eye Ring zoom 1_dorette_gold_multi_gem_circle_ring


Multi-Gem Evil Eye Ring


Multi-Gem Trio Ring zoom 1_dorette_gold_pearl_sapphire_ruby_ring


Multi-Gem Trio Ring


Multi-Gem Square Ring zoom 1_dorette_gold_multigem_square_ring


Multi-Gem Square Ring


Multi-Gem Simple Ring zoom 1_dorette_gold_multicolor_stone_ring


Multi-Gem Simple Ring


Multi-Gem Simple Ring zoom 1_dorette_gold_diamond_emerald_ruby_simple_ring


Multi-Gem Simple Ring


Gray Sapphire Filigree Heart Ring zoom 1_dorette_gold_sapphire_filigree_heart_ring
Blue Sapphire Filigree Heart Ring zoom 1_dorette_gold_sapphire_filigree_heart_ring
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