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    August is Peridot
    Hey August birthdays, peridot is YOUR stone. Representing the lateness of summer and the upcoming onset of lush, green foliage. Peridot is associated with warmth and well being and is a mentally stimulating and physically regenerating stone.
    Diamond Leo Pendant Necklace
    Brooke gregson

    Diamond Leo Pendant Necklace


    Playful Peridot and Opal Necklace
    Peridot Diamond Venus Ring
    Cathy waterman

    Peridot Diamond Venus Ring


    Seven Stones Chakra Bracelet
    Peridot and Gray Green Sapphire Earrings
    Gold and Panna Cream Enamel Peridot Vine Ring
    Mixed Stone Iris Bracelet
    Pippa small

    Mixed Stone Iris Bracelet


    Mallary Marks Large Peridot Lily Pad Earrings
    Mallary marks silver

    Large Peridot Lily Pad Earrings


    Turquoise and Peridot Evil Eye Necklace
    Peridot Ring
    Variance objects

    Peridot Ring


    Peridot and Emerald Mechanique Earrings
    Peridot on Lapis Leo Zodiac Mushroom Necklace
    Leo Astrology Signet Ring

    Leo Astrology Signet Ring


    Turquoise and Peridot Flower Charm Pendant ONLY
    Oval Peridot Ring - TWISTonline
    Disa allsopp

    Oval Peridot Ring


    Large Nugget Peridot Beaded Bracelet
    Peridot Diamond Scalloped Frame Earrings
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