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    With March winds gone for the year, it's time for April showers ... as in shower us with DIAMONDS! Diamonds are the traditional birthstone of the month. They are also known for being the stone with the highest frequency - opening all chakras. Wearing a diamond is not only a powerful amplifier of energy, it is an absolute timeless classic. 

    Medium Diamond Petal Pendant Necklace
    Uniform Object Diamond Reflective Bracelet


    Cathy Waterman Diamond Hexagonal Bezel Necklace Close Up


    Mandrel Studio European Cut Diamond Solitaire


    Rainsun Diamond Tennis Bracelet
    Viltier Diamond Magnetic Stud Earrings
    Diamond Shaker Ring

    Moritz glik Diamond Shaker Ring


    Foundrae Midsized Mixed Link Diamond Chain Bracelet
    Marquise Diamond Cluster Earrings - TWISTonline


    Darius Diamond Fairy Chain Necklace
    Mateo Diamond Wave Stud Earrings
    La Foule Seven Diamond Dangle Necklace
    State Property Diamond Cabot Bone White Ring


    Diamond Universum Petite Pendant Necklace
    Anita Ko Diamond Zoe Bracelet


    Storrow Diamond Crescent Estelle Charm ONLY
    Ruth Tomlinson Encrusted Antique Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Milamore Medium Kintsugi En Diamond Stud Earrings
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