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Alison Lou

NEW YORK - Taking her cue from the world of modern communication and symbolic trends Alison Chemla began her collection by turning the deceptive simplicity of the ubiquitous emoticons into a line of fine jewelry. Playful, cheeky and contemporary-commentary, her jewelry combines the ephemeral lexicon with elegant materials. She isn't the only one having fun with her chosen theme, "I was very important to me that I create pieces that allow (customers) to exercise their creative control...mixing and matching which earring or ring express their feelings."

Noir Heart Pendant Necklace zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_noir_heart_necklace

Alison lou

Noir Heart Pendant Necklace


Noir Huggie SINGLE Hoop  zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_tiny_huggie_hoop_earring

Alison lou

Noir Huggie SINGLE Hoop


Diamond Army Green Enamel SINGLE Huggie zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_green_dangle_earrings
Stripe Army Green Signet Ring zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_signet_sripe_ring

Alison lou

Stripe Army Green Signet Ring


Tiny Noir SINGLE Heart Earring zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_noir_heart_earrings

Alison lou

Tiny Noir SINGLE Heart Earring


Ruby Drop Cocktail Earrings zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_ruby_cocktail_earrings

Alison lou

Ruby Drop Cocktail Earrings


Amour Rouge Tomate Signet Ring zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_signet_amour_ring

Alison lou

Amour Rouge Tomate Signet Ring


Diamond Rouge Tomate Enamel SINGLE Huggie zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_rouge_tomate_dangle_earri
Enamel Stripe Toujours Pendant Necklace zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_stripe_caribbean_bleu_nec
Diamond Charm Enamel SINGLE Huggie zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_bleu_fonce_dangle_earring
Diamond and Caribbean Blue Linear Earrings zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_caribbean_bleu_linear_ear
Aubergine Heart Pendant Necklace zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_aubergine_heart_necklace
Tiny Aubergine SINGLE Heart Earring zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_aubergine_heart_earrings
Bleu Fonce Heart Pendant Necklace zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_bleu_fonce_heart_necklace
Tiny Bleu Fonce SINGLE Heart Earring zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_bleu_fonce_heart_earrings
Diamond and Army Green Linear Earrings zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_army_green_linear_earring
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