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Alison Lou

NEW YORK - Taking her cue from the world of modern communication and symbolic trends Alison Chemla (Creative Director for Alison Lou) began her collection by turning the deceptive simplicity of the ubiquitous emoticons into a line of fine jewelry. Playful, cheeky and contemporary-commentary, her jewelry combines the ephemeral lexicon with elegant materials. She isn't the only one having fun with her chosen theme, "I was very important to me that I create pieces that allow (customers) to exercise their creative control...mixing and matching which earring or ring express their feelings."

Noir Heart Pendant Necklace zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_noir_heart_necklace

Alison lou

Noir Heart Pendant Necklace


Noir Huggie SINGLE Hoop  zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_tiny_huggie_hoop_earring

Alison lou

Noir Huggie SINGLE Hoop


Diamond Army Green Enamel SINGLE Huggie zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_green_dangle_earrings
Stripe Army Green Signet Ring zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_signet_sripe_ring

Alison lou

Stripe Army Green Signet Ring


Tiny Noir SINGLE Heart Earring zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_noir_heart_earrings

Alison lou

Tiny Noir SINGLE Heart Earring


Ruby Drop Cocktail Earrings zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_ruby_cocktail_earrings

Alison lou

Ruby Drop Cocktail Earrings


Amour Rouge Tomate Signet Ring zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_signet_amour_ring

Alison lou

Amour Rouge Tomate Signet Ring


Diamond Rouge Tomate Enamel SINGLE Huggie zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_rouge_tomate_dangle_earri
Enamel Stripe Toujours Pendant Necklace zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_stripe_caribbean_bleu_nec
Diamond Charm Enamel SINGLE Huggie zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_bleu_fonce_dangle_earring
Diamond and Caribbean Blue Linear Earrings zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_caribbean_bleu_linear_ear
Aubergine Heart Pendant Necklace zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_aubergine_heart_necklace
Tiny Aubergine SINGLE Heart Earring zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_aubergine_heart_earrings
Bleu Fonce Heart Pendant Necklace zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_bleu_fonce_heart_necklace
Tiny Bleu Fonce SINGLE Heart Earring zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_bleu_fonce_heart_earrings
Diamond and Army Green Linear Earrings zoom 1_alison_lou_gold_enamel_army_green_linear_earring
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