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Men's Classic Band



Men's Classic Band
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Classic in the traditional sense, but ultra-earthy and modern in its design, this Isabel Borland men's band says, 'Yep. I'm taken.' with style. The hand-sculpted band of 14K yellow gold is a half-round rendition of the ubiquitous wedding band, however its surface is anything but. The subtly irregular finish gives it a cool, understated vibe.

14K yellow gold band : 5mm
available size : 9.5
please contact us for sizing options
14K yellow gold band : 5mm
available size : 9.5
please contact us for sizing options

Austin, TX - Isabel Borland explores organic, balanced, essential forms, and the beauty and flexibility of precious metals and natural gemstones. She takes a minimalist approach and her design process is largely reductive, stripping away any details that feel superfluous or redundant. The line is all hand-carved (the bracelets from a single block of wax) and hand-finished, and she embraces the delicate marks, textures and irregularities that make each piece unique - designed to stand alone or to be layered and collected over time, mixing metals, patinas and gems. Isabel does not sign her jewelry, but leaves traces of the sprues as a nod to the process. This is her signature "X", and she hopes each piece becomes the signature of the person who will wear and enjoy it for many years.