Diamond Solitaires

Brooke Gregson

Yellow Gold Diamond Slice Solitaire



one-of-a-kind item: ( OOAK )
This symbol indicates this piece of jewelry is a unique creation. Its specifics, such as stone color, stone size and availability of materials, are not able to be replicated. When you see this symbol, know you will be purchasing something exclusive, extraordinary and only yours.
Yellow Gold Diamond Slice Solitaire
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  • Yellow Gold Diamond Slice Solitaire
  • Yellow Gold Diamond Slice Solitaire
  • Yellow Gold Diamond Slice Solitaire

This one-of-a-kind Brooke Gregson diamond solitaire has a simple, striking earthy elegance. The asymmetrically cut diamond is subtly faceted revealing tones of chocolate, espresso and rich sienna. It is framed in a meticulously detailed 18K yellow gold bezel on the round gold band creating a modern alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring.

diamond slice : 8mm x 8mm : .4ct
18K yellow gold band : 1.5mm
available size : 6.5
please contact us to order in another size

diamond slice : 8mm x 8mm : .4ct
18K yellow gold band : 1.5mm
available size : 6.5
please contact us to order in another size

LONDON / LOS ANGELES - Combining her passions of jewelry, textiles, astrology and precious stones, Brooke Gregson has created a statement-making collection of fine jewelry with a distinctive direction. With studios in both London and Los Angeles, Brooke designs and produces her Astrology and Hand-Woven Silk jewelry with a fluid, feminine aesthetic. Inspired at a young age by her father's extensive collection of fine jewelry, she began creating her pieces at an early age. As a consummate artist, textile designer and jeweler, Brooke is continually creating and experimenting with different organic material combinations.