Nikos Koulis

Multi-Gem Eden Ring



Multi-Gem Eden Ring
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  • Multi-Gem Eden Ring
  • Multi-Gem Eden Ring
  • Multi-Gem Eden Ring
  • Multi-Gem Eden Ring

Extraordinary in its vibrant combination of colors echoing a verdant spring garden, this Nikos Koulis band is encrusted in a multi-toned combination of gems. Each of the stones - including diamonds, green beryl, paraiba tourmaline, yellow beryl, orange sapphire, pink beryl, and emeralds - is set in 18K yellow gold and connects to the next to create a continuous band. Add it to a stacking collection, wear it solo, or even let it symbolize a wedding in a modern, non-traditional way - it is a style-defining statement of sophistication. 

18K yellow gold band width : vary in size : 3mm to 9mm 
white diamond : 5 : vary in size : 3mm diameter  to 3mm x 4mm : .57cttw
green beryl : 4 : just over 2mm x jjust over 3mm : .54cttw
paraiba tourmaline : 4 : 3mm diameter each : .53cttw
yellow beryl : 3 : about 3mm x 5mm : .83cttw
orange sapphire : 2 : 3mm x 4mm : .53cttw
pink beryl : 6 : about 3mm x 4.5mm : 1.19cttw
emerald : 2 : 3mm x 5mm : .47cttw
18K yellow gold : 5.53gr 
size available : 7 
please contact us for sizing options 

18K yellow gold band width : vary in size : 3mm to 9mm 
white diamond : 5 : vary in size : 3mm diameter  to 3mm x 4mm : .57cttw
green beryl : 4 : just over 2mm x jjust over 3mm : .54cttw
paraiba tourmaline : 4 : 3mm diameter each : .53cttw
yellow beryl : 3 : about 3mm x 5mm : .83cttw
orange sapphire : 2 : 3mm x 4mm : .53cttw
pink beryl : 6 : about 3mm x 4.5mm : 1.19cttw
emerald : 2 : 3mm x 5mm : .47cttw
18K yellow gold : 5.53gr 
size available : 7 
please contact us for sizing options 

GREECE - With his sharp outlook and fierce, authentic passion for jewelry, Nikos Koulis followed his family's tradition of working in the gem industry. His collection of stunning diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald jewels reflect his Mediterranean spirit and multiple influences from Ancient Greek culture, Byzantine motifs, elements from nature and architecture. Characterized by an austere technique and meticulous craftsmanship, his bold designs border on experimental as they reinterpret classic shape through a modern angle. His jewelry has appeared in Elle, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue.