Grainne Morton

Found Object Four Circle Pin



one-of-a-kind item: ( OOAK )
This symbol indicates this piece of jewelry is a unique creation. Its specifics, such as stone color, stone size and availability of materials, are not able to be replicated. When you see this symbol, know you will be purchasing something exclusive, extraordinary and only yours.
Found Object Four Circle Pin
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  • Found Object Four Circle Pin
  • Found Object Four Circle Pin

Four tiny objects beg for a closer look in this meticulously hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind Grainne Morton pin. Whether you wear it or place it on a shelf as a small treasure, its eclectic collection of found objects - including a cut-out of an illustration, a pressed copper sun, a pencil outline of a dog and the letter 'W' - will entice. Each one in the warm-toned collection is encased in a circular oxidized sterling silver compartment which connect to create the grid. Captivating and like nothing else you have in your collection, its magical allure is fascinating.

dimensions : 7/8" x 7/8"
compartments : 4 : 3/8" each
oxidized sterling silver pin back

EDINBURGH - Inspired by her vast menagerie of found items, Grainne Morton has constructed a riveting collection based on the miniature object. Using a diverse range of materials, each element - from the familiar to the obscure - is part of a whole which, she hopes, evokes a feeling of nostalgia, memory and triggers a thoughtful interaction. The result is an eclectic arrangement fueled by imagination and creating a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces to wear and to view.