Polly Wales

Medium Crystal Disc Pendant with Blue Sapphires



one-of-a-kind item: ( OOAK )
This symbol indicates this piece of jewelry is a unique creation. Its specifics, such as stone color, stone size and availability of materials, are not able to be replicated. When you see this symbol, know you will be purchasing something exclusive, extraordinary and only yours.
Medium Crystal Disc Pendant with Blue Sapphires
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  • Medium Crystal Disc Pendant with Blue Sapphires
  • Medium Crystal Disc Pendant with Blue Sapphires

With a multi-tonal blue story and just a hint of sparkle, this one-of-a-kind Polly Wales necklace is a modern, edgy alternative to the traditional gem pendant. Sparkling blue sapphires in various cuts and shades emerge from the subtly textured surface of the 18K yellow gold disc as if they were being excavated. It hangs from the thin, 18K yellow gold chain to exude an understated, artistic elegance. Perfect alone, but also adds a hint of subtle color to a layered necklace collection.

total length : 18" : 18K yellow gold chain
disc : 8mm x 9mm 
blue sapphires : assorted sizes
18K yellow gold S clasp closure 

total length : 18" : 18K yellow gold chain
disc : 8mm x 9mm 
blue sapphires : assorted sizes
18K yellow gold S clasp closure 

LONDON - Polly Wales studied Fine Art Sculpture before following her passion for jewelry and retraining at the Royal College of Art. Combining her skills as a sculptor, her love of traditional casting methods and her craftsmanship, she began to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Using sapphires, rubies and diamonds cast directly into rich gold, the end masterpieces resemble natural gem encrusted forms or sparkling geodes split open. This unorthodox approach to jewelry design has created a new and exciting niche in the world of fine jewelry design.