Brooke Gregson

Rose Gold Aries Necklace



Rose Gold Aries Necklace
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  • Rose Gold Aries Necklace
  • Rose Gold Aries Necklace

Celebrate your star sign with this Brooke Gregson necklace! Your sign is Aries if your birthday falls between March 21 - April 19th. Your element: fire. Your symbol: the ram. Your stone: diamond. The flat, subtly textured disc of 14K rose gold is set with full cut diamonds representing the stars of your astrological sign. Fun, modern and personal, it can be your style-defining piece of jewelry.

total length : 16" : 14K rose gold 
pendant : 3/4" diameter : 14K rose gold 
diamond : 3 : 1.5mm diameter each 
14K rose gold lobster clasp


total length : 16" : 14K rose gold 
pendant : 3/4" diameter : 14K rose gold 
diamond : 3 : 1.5mm diameter each 
14K rose gold lobster clasp

LONDON / LOS ANGELES - Combining her passions of jewelry, textiles, astrology and precious stones, Brooke Gregson has created a statement-making collection of fine jewelry with a distinctive direction. With studios in both London and Los Angeles, Brooke designs and produces her Astrology and Hand-Woven Silk jewelry with a fluid, feminine aesthetic. Inspired at a young age by her father's extensive collection of fine jewelry, she began creating her pieces at an early age. As a consummate artist, textile designer and jeweler, Brooke is continually creating and experimenting with different organic material combinations.