Isabel Borland

Chainlink Teardrop Earrings



Chainlink Teardrop Earrings
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  • Chainlink Teardrop Earrings
  • Chainlink Teardrop Earrings

These chainlink teardrop earrings by Isabel Borland are full of movement and sculptural allure. The oxidized chain of sterling silver is adorned with three 10K yellow gold bars and anchored by a hand-forged sterling silver teardrop. Sleek and sophisticated, these are perfect for everyday ensembles or to dress down something more formal.

total length : 2 1/4"
sterling silver pods : 6mm x 4mm
gold pins : 3 : 4mm long
10K yellow gold ear wires

total length : 2 1/4"
sterling silver pods : 6mm x 4mm
gold pins : 3 : 4mm long
10K yellow gold ear wires

Austin, TX - Isabel Borland explores organic, balanced, essential forms, and the beauty and flexibility of precious metals and natural gemstones. She takes a minimalist approach and her design process is largely reductive, stripping away any details that feel superfluous or redundant. The line is all hand-carved (the bracelets from a single block of wax) and hand-finished, and she embraces the delicate marks, textures and irregularities that make each piece unique - designed to stand alone or to be layered and collected over time, mixing metals, patinas and gems. Isabel does not sign her jewelry, but leaves traces of the sprues as a nod to the process. This is her signature "X", and she hopes each piece becomes the signature of the person who will wear and enjoy it for many years.