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Melissa Earrings
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  • Melissa Earrings

Earthy and elegant, these Yossi Harari earrings have a bohemian, yet sophisticated presence. The hand-hammered, organically shaped discs are hand-fabricated from 24K gold using ancient gold-smithing techniques. Connected by rings of gold, they have a subtle, dangling movement and hang from 24K gold ear wires. Perfect for everyday, but also lovely as an understated pair for a more formal outfit.

total length : 1 1/2"
upper drop : 10mm x 7mm
lower drop : 16mm x 14mm
24K yellow gold ear wires

total length : 1 1/2"
upper drop : 10mm x 7mm
lower drop : 16mm x 14mm
24K yellow gold ear wires

TURKEY - Inspired to create jewelry from an early age, Yossi Harari has never wavered from the path of his creative endeavor. Working in pure 24K gold, his own formula of 'gilver' (a combination of sterling silver and 24K gold) and using the finest stones available each piece of jewelry he makes is meticulously hand-fabricated using centuries old goldsmithing techniques. Combining timeless materials with modern design, Yossi's jewelry exudes a sophisticated richness and classic style.