Ten Thousand Things

Multi-Pearl Bracelet



Multi-Pearl Bracelet
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  • Multi-Pearl Bracelet
From the finely detailed collection of Ten Thousand Things, this is the bracelet we think will become part of your everyday wardrobe. Twenty-one tiny, white pearls alternate on each side of the woven pale silver chain and are connected by silver studs. This piece is about 7" long, and will circle your wrist with delicacy. It closes with a smooth, hand-finished toggle closure.

NEW YORK - Ten Thousand Things is a line from ancient Chinese philosophy meaning, "from one thing begets the ten thousand things". David Rees and Ron Anderson have used this principle of infinite creativity and constant evolution to drive their inspiration for over two decades. Always pushing the envelope of what is possible, the overall look is fluid, rich with organically inspired shapes, teensy beads pinned to chains and a striking, minimalist aesthetic.