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Periwinkle Circle Drop Earrings



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Periwinkle Circle Drop Earrings
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  • Periwinkle Circle Drop Earrings
  • Periwinkle Circle Drop Earrings

These modern earrings from Ronni Kappos have a strong, feminine appeal.  Saturated periwinkle vintage German glass beads dangle at the base of a 14K yellow gold ear wire.  With movement and style, these lightweight earrings are easy to slip on for a pop of playful, distinctive color.

total length : 2"
vintage german glass bead : 10mm diameter
14K yellow gold ear wires

total length : 2"
vintage german glass bead : 10mm diameter
14K yellow gold ear wires

CALIFORNIA - Devoted to the vibrant, saturated beauty of vintage German glass beads, Ronni Kappos uses a distinctive palette to create her modern, design-rich collection. Produced in pre-WWII era, the glass she uses was meticulously manufactured and possesses a quality unmatched by contemporary glass of its kind. Due to the limited nature of her materials, each piece she creates is always one of very few. The variation of designs she creates range from austere and sparse to ornate and elaborate. 

Constantly on the hunt for new sources of this special glass, Ronni continues to be inspired by her fascination for design – whether it be from the color of candy, the shape of a necktie or the construction of a molecule.