Nora Kogan

Black Enamel 'Mama' Earrings



Black Enamel 'Mama' Earrings
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  • Black Enamel 'Mama' Earrings
  • Black Enamel 'Mama' Earrings

Sweetly demure and super stylish, wear these graphic Nora Kogan gold and enamel post earrings to proudly exhibit your role as 'Mama'. Whether it be to kids, pets, or a classroom of unruly teens, your status is written in 10K yellow gold on a horizontal plate painted with black enamel and flanked by two gold circles. Each rectangular stud attaches to a 10K gold post to create a pair of playfully modern earrings.

stud : 3mm x 12mm 
10K yellow gold post and backs 


stud : 3mm x 12mm 
10K yellow gold post and backs 

Brooklyn, NY -  Born by the Black Sea, Nora Kogan spent a lifetime traveling until she ended up in New York City where she continued to be inspired and fascinated by jewelry: "To say I am constantly thinking about jewelry is an understatement. Whether I’m dreaming up new designs, or refining old ones, jewelry is my obsession. And I’m always sketching. The more I sketch, the more my ideas flow. I didn’t become a jeweler right out of high school. I concentrate on my strength—design. All of my models are painstakingly hand made from my sketches. Small batches, one piece of jewelry at a time."