Communion by Joy

Paradise Guardian Pear Shaped Rustic Diamond Solitaire



one-of-a-kind item: ( OOAK )
This symbol indicates this piece of jewelry is a unique creation. Its specifics, such as stone color, stone size and availability of materials, are not able to be replicated. When you see this symbol, know you will be purchasing something exclusive, extraordinary and only yours.
Paradise Guardian Pear Shaped Rustic Diamond Solitaire
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  • Paradise Guardian Pear Shaped Rustic Diamond Solitaire
  • Paradise Guardian Pear Shaped Rustic Diamond Solitaire
  • Paradise Guardian Pear Shaped Rustic Diamond Solitaire

Modern, edgy and echoing a earthy, rustic allure, this one-of-a-kind diamond solitaire from Communion by Joy is the perfect way to commemorate a commitment or engagement ceremony. The angular, earth-toned rustic diamond is hand-set in the 14K yellow gold molten band in a distinctively pronounced position. A sparkling clear white round diamond is nestled up against one side adding an element of tradition. Wear this ring as an alternative to the ubiquitous diamond engagement ring or add it to a personal stacking collection. Pair it with this band for an unbelievable, style-defining set.

rustic diamond : 6mm x 9.5mm : .76cttw
white side diamond : 2mm diameter 
18K yellow gold band width : just under 2mm 
size available : 5.5-
please contact us for sizing options 

rustic diamond : 6mm x 9.5mm : .76cttw
white side diamond : 2mm diameter 
18K yellow gold band width : just under 2mm 
size available : 5.5-
please contact us for sizing options 

California - Ever since she was a young girl, Joy Smith has loved art. After majoring in Art History in college, she began working at an art gallery and, after some time had passed, realized she wanted to be the one creating. She began making jewelry inspired by nature and 'the mystery behind the veil of life'. Her jewelry exudes a casual, earthy and effortless vibe with diamonds and other stones set in designs hand-carved from wax and set in gold. Her goal of making jewelry that symbolizes the inner-strength of the wearer is captured in each piece.

I feel my brand empowers strength with feminine elegance. It is modern vintage with a touch of bohemian flair.