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Acorn Leaf Charm



Acorn Leaf Charm
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  • Acorn Leaf Charm
Add it to a special bracelet or wear it hanging from Cathy's Tiny Lacy Chain Necklace (shown here), this little leaf will flutter and sparkle. Finely detailed and unmistakably Cathy Waterman, this charm pendant measures about 3/4" long.

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total length : 3/4"

total length : 3/4"

CALIFORNIA - Cathy Waterman has been one of TWIST’s most beloved jewelry designers for over 20 years. Her collections of necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets are some of the most sought after jewelry in the country and offer a lyrical, feminine and quietly understated combination of diamonds, platinum, 22K gold and other hand selected stones. You’ve seen her jewelry everywhere – from magazine covers to the Oscars – and understand it’s not about the biggest bling or largest carat stone, but the quiet, dreamy sophistication of each hand-finished piece.